One of the leading Private Schools in San Diego: Notre Dame Academy

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The average American will spend 15% of their life in school. The type of environment your child receives their education in matters. It’s important that they’re spending this vital time in a school that supports and encourages well-rounded growth.

There are so many school options and so much weighs on the decision. Choosing a school for your child can be overwhelming. Let us show you why Notre Dame Academy is one of the best private schools in San Diego CA.

Private Schools San Diego County

Millions of American parents send their children to private schools every year. Sending your child to a private school is a big decision, and there are a lot of factors to take into account.

Not only are private schools twice as safe as public schools, but also almost every student who attends private school graduates.

Top private schools in San Diego have an almost 100% graduation rate. By comparison, the average for public schools across the country is 80%. In private school, your child will be in a community of other high achieving children. Both their classmates and your child are much more likely to stay in school.

The academics at private schools tend to be the highest-quality available. These schools have many more resources to contribute to your child’s education than public schools. Being surrounded by other successful students can help ensure a bright future for your child. There are countless benefits both during school and after school to building a high-achieving network.

Why Send Your Child to a Catholic School?

Sending your child to Catholic School offers all the benefits of the top private schools in San Diego while incorporating the importance of religion and faith.

Catholic schools offer a rigorous curriculum with a caring community and Christ as a model for how to be the best person you can be. Your child will be surrounded by peers that are bound for elite high schools and later, colleges. You can rest easy knowing that your child is in a safe and supportive environment.

As you know, there are many benefits to embracing religion in one’s life. If your child attends secular school, they are missing out on the lessons and advantages of religious and spiritual learning.

Much research has been conducted showing that religion encourages mental health and well-being. It’s a sad reality of our time that the number of American children suffering from mental health disorders is on the rise. It’s more important now than ever that your child has access to spiritual guidance and the lessons of Christianity.

The Story of Notre Dame Academy: Private Schools San Diego

The story of NDA San Diego began over three decades ago in Europe. In September of 1988, a small group of sisters left France for California. They came from the Order of Union-Chrétienne de Saint Chaumond and their mission was to open a school in America. Over the next fifteen years, the sisters taught high school in California. During this time, they learned about the Californian culture and education system. At the same time, they were searching and praying for a site to fulfill their mission.

In March of 2003, Sister Agnes Clisson and Sister Anne Perrin met with the Pastor of St. Therese of Carmel, Father Nicholas Dempsey, in San Diego. Their prayers were answered, as Father Nick was thrilled with the proposal to add a school to the Parish.

Notre Dame San Diego was opened in the fall of 2005. First operating at a temporary location while construction was finished at St. Therese, the first year had 82 students enrolled.

Finally, in January of 2006, NDA San Diego was opened at its permanent and current location on the grounds of St. Therese. At this time, Sr. Marie Pascale, the current Principal and President, joined Sister Gabriel Marie and Sister Marie Carmen.

Notre Dame Academy: a First-Class Education for Students from Preschool through 8th Grade

If you’re looking for a school that can help your child build academic, athletic, creative, and religious foundations, look no further than Notre Dame San Diego.

This immersive Catholic community creates a fulfilling experience for your child. We strive to balance Christian experiences with rigorous advanced academics.

Every year, 50 students graduate from the eighth-grade class of Notre Dame Academy. Because of the first-class education they received, they’re able to proceed to the finest high schools of their choosing.

Notre Dame doesn’t only offer the benefits of traditional Catholic school education. We also ensure that all students are well versed in important 21st-century skills. Students engage in both Spanish and French instruction, with the goal of encouraging trilingual skills.

Please visit our academics page to learn more about the types of classes that could fill your child’s NDA schedule. You’ll also want to check out our campus life page to learn more about student life beyond the classroom.

Most private schools San Diego has to offer don’t prioritize their student’s academic experience. At Notre Dame Academy, we’ve made it our mission to provide our student’s with the most exceptional academic program, making us one of the best private schools in San Diego.

Send Your Child to One of the Best Private Schools in San Diego: Notre Dame Academy!

Few things are more important for your child’s future than receiving a supportive and well-rounded education.

At Notre Dame Academy San Diego, our mission is to offer an academic, athletic, artistic, and religious education for your child. Place your student in a supportive community and a challenging and inspiring environment. Here, your child will be encouraged to fulfill their greatest potential.

If our institution seems like the right fit for your family, we would love to receive your application to Notre Dame Academy. We welcome you to set up an appointment to discover and tour the campus and meet the Principal to learn more about our incredible community.