Schools with Substance: A San Diego School with Programs that Give Back

Community service is worth over $180 billion in the United States.

From serving to cleaning, volunteerism is a fantastic activity for students to take part in. Some schools even require students to do school service projects for credit.

At Notre Dame Academy, we encourage our students to get involved with the San Diego community.

Keep reading to learn about what our institution has to offer your child as a student and as a person.

The Importance of Community Service

Volunteering within your community impacts the people and businesses within your community more than most people realize.

Volunteering is the donation of time which, in turn, is a donation of money. Volunteers in the United States have contributed billions of hours of work at an average of $24 an hour per market value. This financial impact is significant for affected communities.

Community service projects have also been shown to bring communities together. Complicated projects often require specialization and comradery to complete successfully.

Relationships that are formed through these various service projects are fortified by the volunteer experience and have the potential to be long-lasting.

Projects may also require collaboration whether this be between business, cities, or other entities. Teamwork between different organizations and establishments are good for building business, resources, and healthy community relationships.

Some community service projects have the possibility of rebuilding a community or providing vital public services to communities in need. Volunteers who work for public transport or medical facilities are filling roles for crucial organizations that would otherwise be empty.

Some communities rely on volunteers to provide necessary services like transportation organization and medical care.

Community service provides otherwise unfulfilled services for the community. This help is irreplaceable, especially for communities that cannot afford the services otherwise.

How Community Service Impacts Students

Community service does help the community that is being served, but it is also helping the people who are serving.

Volunteering helps people make connections. By working with others who are volunteering with you, you may come across a new friend.

These connections go beyond friendships that are cultivated by hard work and mutual love for the community.

Businesses and other organizations that are affected by volunteering or who are having employees volunteer may also come together as an effect of the volunteering. Business deals and other economic improvements could come about between owners and workers for these affected places.

As you work with others, you will learn the value and importance of teamwork. You have to be able to work with others while volunteering, especially if you’re volunteering in a place that requires tight organization. 

Every time you volunteer, it may be with a new set of people. Because of this constant new exposure, you will learn how to be social with people you haven’t met before. This is – of course – useful for job searching and life in general later on.

The connections made on-site will also be important to maintain over time. Learning how to keep up with others and keep a friendly relationship through a mimicked working environment is a great skill to have for the future.

Volunteering also boosts your overall health. Researchers have found that giving your time to others is beneficial to you in the long run.

Volunteering combats thoughts of depression, anxiety, stress, and anger. Making meaningful connections with others and seeing smiling faces would lift anyone’s mood. Keeping in contact with these people and making it a regular habit to volunteer in the community is important for preventing self-isolation in mentally troubling times.

Being a volunteer can help your son or daughter find their sense of purpose. They may end up volunteering at an animal shelter and discover that they want to be a veterinarian or they may volunteer at a nursing home and find that they want to be a nurse.

Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to discover different roles and careers for their future all while getting to see what that future may look like.

As they volunteer more and more over time, the student may build their self-confidence. Doing good for the community and being thanked for that hard work is a great self-esteem booster and will encourage them to do more good deeds in the future.

Volunteering has also been found to encourage more physical activity daily as volunteers have been found to walk more. Walking more has been found to increase life span and decrease the likelihood of developing chronic illnesses.

Your son or daughter will change for the better with volunteering. All people are positively affected by the great feeling that comes with helping your neighbors.

Our School Service Projects

At Notre Dame Academy, we encourage our students to volunteer in all sorts of ways.

Fifth through eighth-grade students are motivated to serve as Altar Servers at Saint Therese of Carmel Parish. These students are scheduled to serve during various weekend masses and even at school masses.

Our middle school students have a service hour requirement for every year of attendance. Our sixth-graders are to complete 10 hours of community service, our seventh-graders are to complete 15 hours of community service, and our eighth-graders are to complete 20 hours of community service.

Students who are officers of the Student Council are to complete 40 hours of community service.

We require that our students complete these services opportunities for a nonprofit (unless otherwise approved), but these do not have to be completed at Notre Dame Academy. Hours can be completed at local churches, medical facilities, or other organizations within San Diego.

The service projects that our students complete ring throughout San Diego and contribute to our community’s growth. We truly believe that our students’ hard work is invaluable to the community and their personal growth.

Join Us!

All of us here at Notre Dame Academy believe that our school service projects set your students up for success beyond our halls.

To join us at Notre Dame Academy in San Diego, call us at 858-509-2300.

We are confident that your child will excel here both inside and outside of the classroom.