Private Schools: How to Choose the Right One for Your Kid

According to the Council for American Private Education, there are about 34,576 private schools in the US. 

Private schools offer a much different experience than the public schools available in your area. There’s often a debate in which structure is better, but it’s no secret private school comes with amazing benefits. 

If you’ve been considering enrolling your kids in a private school, you must find the right one. The right school will give them the tools they need to succeed. 

You’ll find a guide below on how to choose the right private school for your children. Make sure to keep reading and fulfill your duty to provide your children with the best education available. 

Discover Private School Values

Every private school has a defined set of values that help promote its overall mission. Finding a school that aligns with your family values is crucial, especially because children spend about 7-8 hours per day in the classroom. 

To look at a school’s values, head on over to their website. Find an ‘About’ section that describes the school, its mission and values, and a little bit of its history. 

There are many different kinds of private schools you can invest in. Some are religious private schools, offering religious insight and education to further grow your child’s spirituality. 

Other private schools focus on art and provide plenty of opportunities for your children to flex their creative muscles. Are your children more focused on math and science? Find a STEM-based private school. 

Chat With Your Children

Before enrolling them in private education, sit down with your children and chat about what’s important to them. Ask them what sorts of programs they want to be involved in, and how they want their education to prepare them for the future. 

Even though you’ll be the one paying for their education, you must be paying for a school that gives your children the support they desire. They’ll be more proactive in participating in extracurricular activities, and they’ll feel motivated to academically push themselves. 

Keep an open line of communication with your children after their enrollment. Ask them about their experience. Allow space for them to voice any frustrations or concerns. 

Learn About the Faculty

Who the faculty members are can make all the difference in a private school. Because they’re the face and leaders of the school, it’s important to take time to read up on faculty bios before enrolling your children in the school. 

Contact the school to schedule a private tour and time to speak with some of the faculty. This will give you a deeper peek into the leadership of the school because we all know things can be much different than how they appear online. 

If you have any friends with children in the school, speak with them about their experience with the teachers. Inquire about how parent-teacher meetings are typically run, and ask them if they ever had any difficulties with staff members. 

You can also perform general Google searches on different staff members. If they’re involved in the community, there’s most likely some news clippings with information. 

Find Out More About a School’s Academic Reputation

The main benefit of private education is the notable academic reputations of most private schools. Courses and programs found within private schools help children excel. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the faculty of the school if the school has any sort of special accreditation or any unique programs your child may enroll in to better help their success. This is especially important if your children are in high school and are preparing for college

Check to see if any teams from the school, such as a math or debate team, have won any awards. Not only does this tell you there are clubs for your children to be involved in, but it also shows you they take education seriously. 

Learn More About Available Scholarships

If you’re looking for private schools in San Diego, or anywhere else, you’ve noticed the hefty price tags that come along with private education. Don’t let this immediately dissuade you from enrolling your children. 

Reach out to the school to learn about available scholarships. These scholarships make education more accessible and affordable for many families. Guarantee your children understand their responsibilities to maintain any scholarship.

Keep in mind that while it private school is more expensive, you’ll notice a great payoff. It’s a worthwhile investment. 

Find the Perfect Location

Double-check a school’s location before enrolling your child. See if it’s close to your home or place of work. That way, it’s easier to drop your child off at school on busy mornings. 

If your children are driving themselves, finding somewhere closer will also reduce their overall gas budget. Keeping their gas budget at a minimum is especially important if they’re driving themselves to work or any afterschool activities. 

While you’re checking out the school’s location, guarantee it’s in a safe area. It’s best to choose a school that has other fun things such as coffee shops, sports fields, and museums close to it. This way, you’ll have more opportunities to explore what the nearby area offers. 

Connect With Other Families

Starting building relationships with other families involved in your local private school. These relationships will result in friends for you and your kids. 

Being part of a school should feel like a community. Helping to create a strong, dependable friend group for your children will give them the confidence they need. 

If you’re having a hard time building connections, reach out to the school to inquire about any parent groups. There are plenty of ways to get involved with school events and field trips as a parent. 

Choosing the Best Private Schools for Your Kids 

Finding the best private schools for your kids may seem like an overwhelming process, but we’ve made it easier with the quick guide above. Make sure to carefully read through it and follow all of the tips. 

Take time to better understand each possible school’s mission, values, faculty, academic reputation, and cost. Reach out to the school’s office if you have any questions. 

For more information on the best private school in San Diego, check out the rest of our site. Schedule a tour with us today to learn more.