Preschool or No Preschool? 7 Things to Consider Before Making Your Decision

Your little one is growing up right in front of your very eyes. It probably seems as if they’re growing up a little too fast.

As with every new stage of their lives, it comes with many different decisions for you to make as a parent. One of those decisions is determining whether or not they should attend preschool.

It’s not for every child, but there are benefits to doing it. There are also several things to consider in the process.

If you’re weighing out between preschool vs no preschool, see below for a few things to consider as you reach your decision.

1. Experience With Structured Teaching

It’s unlikely that you remember your first day of kindergarten,  but odds are that you struggled a bit with the adjustment as all kids tend to do.

If you don’t put your child through preschool, then kindergarten will be their first experience with a structured teaching environment. That’s not an easy thing to learn.

You don’t want them stepping into their future private school without having some understanding of what a classroom looks like.

Preschool gives them time to learn that in a modified setting. They won’t force your child to sit all day, but gradually, they’ll learn to keep their eyes on the teacher when she’s talking.

2. Social Skills

Is your child frequently put in an environment where they’re learning to use social skills to build friendships and play with others?

The magnitude of new faces in kindergarten can be an overwhelming sight to a child who’s never been in an environment like that. Without preschool experience, they’ll have to learn that for the first time in school.

Preschool will give your child time to learn how to properly interact with other children.

Preschool teachers are focused on developing both social skills and emotional skills (both are essential for communication) for each child they oversee.

3. Overall Health

You probably never knew that preschool has been linked to better overall health among those children that attend it.

Studies show that children who attended preschool are in better physical condition than those who don’t. They get more activity and have structure introduced into their day early on.

The preschool atmosphere promotes healthy diets and high levels of activity, two factors your child longs for.

Encourage their activity by placing them in preschool where they can run around with friends and improve their health simultaneously.

4. A Head Start on Education

What parent doesn’t want their child to be the top of their class in every grade level as they grow up?

The child’s learning and study habits start early on. The habits that they learn play a factor in the rest of their scholastic career.

Putting your child in preschool will help them learn more, grow more, and be in a better position to absorb the information being thrown at them.

Not to mention, they’ll already have a head start on things such as the alphabet and mathematical skills. Having an edge on their classmates that didn’t go to preschool can only help them.

A heavy part of learning for your child is confidence and familiarity. If you want them to eventually get into the best school in your community, you need to do your part now to help them build confidence in learning.

5. Decision Making

You might not think it, but having your child attend preschool forces them to make more choices than they otherwise would.

These choices range from how to communicate, picking the right toy to play with, joining a group of children to play with them, etc.

While that may not seem like earth-shattering decisions to us, they’re a big deal to your kids. Every decision and choice your child takes for themselves is a huge victory.

The biggest thing is to have preschool teachers there to help them make those decisions. If they see that your child is struggling, they’ll offer advice on how to go about it.

6. Building Friendships in Advance

If nothing else, consider preschooling an investment for your kid’s kindergarten experience.

There are more than likely going to be at least 1 to 2 kids in preschool that will attend the school you’re sending your child to for elementary in the following year(s).

Having someone in their class that they know is a huge benefit to their transition.

It gives them an amazing opportunity to have a friendship or two they can rely on as they go to make new friends in kindergarten. Those friendships only form if you use preschool in the year or two prior.

7. Taking Care of Themselves

This might be the biggest consideration of all. Is your child dependent or heavily-reliant on you to point them to their every move?

If it’s the latter, they’ll be in for a rude awakening when you drop them off at kindergarten and leave them in the classroom to fend for themselves.

Preschool can help them build confidence in themselves and their abilities. They start to understand who they are and what interests they have.

Preschool vs No Preschool: Make the Decision for You

Now that you’ve seen considerations of preschool vs no preschool, it’s time for you to make the best decision for your child.

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