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Be The Difference… By Being An NDA Volunteer.

Notre Dame Academy prides itself in being a school community that is One Family, Always United. With that being said, NDA parents are an integral part of that family community that we emphasize. Parents and teachers at our school share a common goal; we all want to see the students grow academically, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We want each student to become the best possible version of themselves. NDA parents are actively involved in school activities in many ways. Parents participate at annual traditions and other important school and classroom events, communicate with teachers in following their child’s success, volunteer at daily campus events and activities inside and outside the classroom, and more.

Parent Bulletin Board

The Sonar Newsletter

Weekly newsletter that includes important calendar items, information, and announcements. The Sonar is emailed to each NDA family on Thursdays.

NDA Guild Meetings

In-person meetings will be held at 8:15am in the Dempsey Social Center:
September 22nd
October 20th
November 3rd
January 12th
February 9th
March 9th
May 18th


January 2023

Friday, January 13th

  • No School for Students (K-8 Teachers attend Diocesan Professional Development)
  • Preschool and Kinder Prep Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, January 16th:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, School Holiday

Wednesday, January 18th: Jersey Mikes Restaurant Fundraiser

Thursday, January 19th: 2pm-4pm Uniform Resale 

Friday, January 27th: January birthdays celebrated at recess

  • 9:50-10:10: 5th-8th 
  • 10:15-10:35: 1st-4th

Sunday, January 29th: 

  • 9am NDA hosts Mass at STOC
  • 10am-11:30am: Open House

January 30th-February 3rd: Catholic Schools Week


Thursday, February 2nd: Dolphin Dash (NDA’s Jog-A-Thon) 

Friday, February 3rd: 6pm-8pm Middle School Dance, Dempsey Social Hall

Tuesday, February 7th

  • 8am Guild Meeting, Dempsey Social Center
  • 6pm Dads’ Club Meeting, Pacific Standard 

Friday, February 10th: Celebrate Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, procession after Mass.

Saturday, February 11th: Tailgate Trivia, hosted by the Dads’ Club, Dempsey Social Center 

Friday, February 17th: WCEA/WASC Teacher Work Day, No students 

Monday, February, 20th: President’s Day, School Holiday

Wednesday, February 22nd: Ash Wednesday

  • Mass at Noon
  • Formal Uniform
  • No Hot Lunch 

Friday, February 24th

  • No Mass, regular uniform
  • 8am Missionary Childhood Association Assembly, Dempsey Social Hall
  • February birthdays celebrated at recess
    • 9:50-10:10: 5th-8th 
    • 10:15-10:35: 1st-4th

Volunteer Requirements

NDA Parents Make Our Family Strong.

Christ gives His people different gifts, not only for themselves but for others. Active involvement in the life of the school is expected of all parents. The Volunteer Involvement Program is a plan whereby parents/guardians support the school through the use of their time, treasure and talent! Each family registering students at Notre DameAcademy will pay the amount of tuition indicated on the chart, and is responsible for completing thirty (30) hours of school service per family per two parent households or fifteen (15) hours per single parent household. Hours are to be earned from July through June. Each family is responsible for creating a plan for the completion of those hours by signing the Parent Involvement Form received in the registration packet. Parents may either choose from one of the activities listed, or pay a non-participation fee of $500 per family.

It is the responsibility of each family to record volunteer hours on the Parent Volunteer Service Hours Record Sheet. The completed form is due in the Accounting office no later than May 13, (include anticipated service hours for June) or the $500 service fee will be added to your monthly bill. Please note the name of the student so that proper credit can be given. Grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives must sign in volunteer hours since last names often differ. Volunteer Record Sheets are available in the school office.

Volunteer In 1 2 3

Our first and most important commitment is your child’s safety. For that reason, we do require all volunteers on campus to complete the following requirements before any volunteer work is done. We realize these requirements may not be convenient; however, no price can be put on your student’s safety. Thank you.

2022-2023 NDA Volunteer Requirements - Google Docs

Create a CMG Account

All NEW AND RETURNING parents must create a CMG Account. Go to and follow prompts. Once your CMG account is set up, all NEW AND RETURNING parents who wish to volunteer at NDA, must complete the Safe Environment Curriculum, which includes watching a video, completing questions about the video, and reading the Code of Ethical Standards on the CMG website.


Have a Background Check

All parents must either have had a LIVESCAN report processed,  or have a Background Check.  
The Background Check should be completed through the CMG Website. If you do have a background check, please submit payment to NDA to cover the $25 processing fee.



Get Tested For TB

All volunteers must submit a negative TB test result to the office. This test is required every 4 years by law.

Preschool and Kinder Prep Volunteers

Preschool and Kinder Prep Volunteers need to do two additional steps. Steps 4 & 5 are for PRESCHOOL AND KINDER PREP PARENTS ONLY

Immunization Records

Bring in your Immunization Record as California state requires that anyone encountering children at a preschool day care center must be immunized for the following:

  • MMR-measles
  • Tdap-Pertussis (no earlier than 2005)
  • Influenza – annually (or may write a letter to decline)
Sign The Form

Return the signed and completed “Good Health Statement” form

Good Health Statement Form

Get Involved

Dive In. Help Out.

The NDA Guild

Building The Foundations For Lifelong Achievement.

The purpose of the Notre Dame Academy Guild shall be to effectively develop a more integrated relationship and to promote and facilitate the communication channels among the parents, administration, teachers, and staff at Notre Dame Academy. The Guild shall support the school community in its Catholic Christian philosophy, written policies, designated programs, and specific needs. The Guild shall serve as the umbrella organization for all Notre Dame Academy parent booster clubs, interest groups, and school organizations.

More specifically, the Parent Guild helps to organize and encourage participation in the school’s fundraising and special events. Every Notre Dame Academy parent is automatically a member of the Parent Guild! The Parent Guild offers many opportunities – large and small – to get involved with the school. Particular Guild sponsored events include Oktoberfest, Crepe Day, Movie Night, Catholic Schools’ Week, Tailgate Trivia, and NDA’s annual fundraiser gala “Bonsoir”…just to name a few! To find out how you can support these events, please come to our Guild Meetings! To meet more of our dynamic NDA Community, plan on joining us for our Guild Community Builders! Locations and times will be announced in the Newsletter.




Volunteer Involvement Program

Inspiring Minds. Moving Possibilities.

Christ gives His people different gifts, not only for themselves but for others. Active involvement in the life of the school is expected of all parents. The Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) is a plan whereby parents/guardians support the school through the use of their treasure and talent under the umbrella of the NDA Guild! Each family registering students at Notre Dame Academy is responsible for completing 30 hours of service per family per year toward school service. Hours are to be earned August through June.

Families are responsible for creating a plan for the completion of those hours by signing the Volunteer Involvement Program form included with their registration materials. Parents who are unable to serve may pay the non-participation fee of $500. Each family must record their volunteer hours on the Volunteer Record Sheet and return it to the office by the specified date.

Parent Volunteer Hours

The Dads' Club

Shaping Learners Into Leaders.

All dads are welcome! The Dad’s Club was originally established to assist the Sisters with any physical operations or needs of the school. Many projects are assigned to the Dad’s Club in order to improve the school and classrooms. With the incorporation of the exceptional janitorial staff, the Club is refocusing its commitment on providing assistance, either manual or intellectual, to the school or to ancillary NDA groups for the benefit of our school.

Dads' Club Meetings are held at Club M, The Grand Del Mar at 5:30pm.

  • October 5th
  • November 9th
  • December  7th
  • 2021: TBD

Questions? Contact:

  • Fred Derheimer,  President,



Kind Words About Us
  • NDA Is Committed To Developing A Well-Rounded, Highly Conscientious And Compassionate Individual...
    "We knew NDA was the school for our daughter when seeing the Sisters interact with the children. Their love and commitment is evident and irrefutable. We love the combination of an academic and a faith focused environment. This loving combination is unmatched. I would tell my friends that NDA is committed to developing a well-rounded, highly conscientious and compassionate individual. The loving staff is focused on developing wonderful human beings."
    Monica & Justin P. – Parents,
  • A Strong Moral Foundation For Our Kids...
    "At NDA, we sincerely feel we are part of a larger family! In addition to the Catholic education with the lovely Sisters that help create a strong moral foundation for our kids, we love that the teachers and staff care about not only educating our kids scholastically, but are also sincerely intent on motivating our kids to be the best version of themselves in a variety of important ways, such as socially and benevolently."
    G.G. B. – Parent,
  • NDA Is Not Just A School, It’s A Place To Grow...
    "NDA is not just a school, it’s a place to grow and experience the world around you with not just your classmates, but with your “family” that has good Catholic values instilled in them."
    Sal S. – Alumni Class of 2015,
  • NDA Is My Second Family...
    "NDA is my second family, a community where I have developed lifelong friendships and learned invaluable lessons from mentors that will forever guide me into my future endeavors."
    Isabella R. – Alumni Class of 2018,
  • Dedicated Teachers And Staff...
    "We chose NDA because of its French program. Little did we know that we were picking a home away from home. Dedicated teachers and staff, a strong academic program, a safe environment, and a close group of friends make NDA a great school! "
    Robbie B. – Parent,