How To Find Which Catholic School In San Diego Is Right For Your Child

Finding a fitting school for your child is as important a decision as it is a challenging one. While childhood education sets children up for adulthood success, an amazing education — which we at Notre Dame Academy believe high-quality teachers, small classrooms, safety, and daily practice of Catholic morals are intrinsic to — offers children a distinct competitive advantage when they inevitably begin their early adulthood. As a proud Catholic School in San Diego, we at Notre Dame Academy establish high expectations out of everyone in our educational community for the benefit of the children.

We believe staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and students all have important roles to fulfill in establishing and surpassing educational standards for the benefit of the next generation. We offer compassionate and comprehensive Catholic education at preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school levels; and we welcome our potential applicants to tour our facilities so you can witness for yourself why we may help create the most prestigious opportunities for your child at our Catholic school in San Diego.

Notre Dame Academy: A Dedicated Catholic School in San Diego

At Notre Dame Academy, we strive to make your child’s education, and faith in God, the best it can be. We make sure that your child is prepared for high school, from preschool through 8th grade. We build your child’s development as early as possible, and together we watch them grow as they learn and complete the Holy Sacraments. The following are a plethora of reasons that the Notre Dame community may be the obvious choice for you and your aspiring scholar.

A Curriculum Made for Your Child’s Success

Beyond curriculums parents are accustomed to expect for their young scholars, such as math, science, language arts, foreign language, social science, and physical education — Notre Dame Academy ensures children can find inspiration in a multitude of fashions. We also offer comprehensive courses in technology to prepare students for an ever-changing economic landscape, and courses in fine arts so as to make sure students are able to appreciate the beauty life offers.

We guarantee our students leadership from experienced and caring teachers and staff, as we emphasize team-building, communication, well-roundedness, hard-working habits, and preparation. But never lost among us (and often lost among our public school counterparts) are the learning of life skills, the engineering of character building, and of course, our dedication to our students’ religious growth and connectivity. Through daily prayer and extensive scriptural studies, we want as you as the parent wants — the best relationship between your young scholar and God.

We combine our complete dedication to creating and maintaining a thriving educational environment with our diverse, integrated, and up-to-date curriculum, and our mindfulness for growing our promising boys and girls into grown, valuable contributors to society, ready for the challenges of adulthood. At Notre Dame Academy, our prestigious graduating classes leave prepared at both a scholastic and spiritual level for entry to even the most discerning private high schools in San Diego.

For more information, head to the curriculum section on our site. Here, we break down each subject, and how it pertains to your child’s education.


Our experienced coaches, staff, and volunteers coalesce to form the leadership of our athletics department, and we are committed to encouraging students who wish for the opportunity to embrace all the benefits of an active lifestyle. Through healthy competition, we are committed to instilling remarkable team-building and character-building skills in each of the programs we offer — leadership and sportsmanship chief among them. Our athletics department enhances these values we teach at Notre Dame Academy, and influences our student body to self-develop and grow social skills.

We are always encouraging students to push themselves to try new activities and nurture passion students show for their favorite sport. Students passionate about sports enrich a sense of pride for their school, which translates to leadership and care in one’s community later in life. For more information on why sports are an essential part of your child’s development, read about these interesting benefits.

Athletic programs at Notre Dame Academy consist of boys and girls basketball and soccer, flag football to boys, and volleyball to girls. We also offer co-ed cross-country, track & field, and PeeWee soccer.

Faith: The Foundation

As our Catholic faith is the foundation for our lives, it is the foundation for our school and our students’ futures. We value our students’ faith the same as their parents do, and we will value your child’s faith as you do, should you grant us the opportunity to help grow your child’s spirituality through his or her educational journey. Students at Notre Dame Academy prepare thoroughly for the Sacraments and learn comprehensive understanding of their meaning and significance.

Our community is here to aid you as a parent as you lead your child through such important growth as a member of the Catholic Church. We schedule sessions and meetings with parents to ensure that all leaders involved in our students’ lives continue a connected commitment to their spiritual growth. Through every aspect of our students’ education, Sacramental preparation is offered to our students, and our staff commit time specifically focused towards student faith. With our daily prayers in the classroom and the weekly mass we hold, staff of Notre Dame Academy encourage devotion to the Lord as we teach them to become great students and community members.

For more on how to help your child on their journey of faith with Christ, read these helpful tips! We ask that you continue to be a part of your child’s religious education, building communication and prayer with them as they begin the Sacraments. It is important that the practices your child has in school are incorporated at home, just as your children will need your involvement in their education.

Parent Involvement

At Notre Dame Academy, we view the importance of parental involvement in our students’ spiritual growth in the same vein as parental involvement in helping students achieve their academic goals and grow into healthy young men and women. We encourage involvement in all our community leaders, and we respect the fact that your child has no more important leaders in their lives than their parents. In fact, we view parental involvement as essential. Our leadership ensures parents and their children have all the resources they need as we all contribute and create the best educational experience possible for your young scholar.

We maintain an amazing online bulletin board, where we supply parents with updates on meeting details, our after-school enrichment commitments, and our newsletter. We also post reminders and feature a school calendar to help you and your children stay on track. Here, we make it easy for parents to stay up to date with all the opportunities we offer to involve them in their children’s development. Whether you would like to participate in our volunteer programs, or join our “Dad’s Club,” we are committed to your commitment to the growth of your children.

Our mission is your child’s success, and growth, in their education, faith, and social skills. If this is also your goal with your child’s education, and you are looking for a catholic school in San Diego, contact us, and we can give you more information on how you and your child can get started on this amazing journey!

Make the Best Choice for Your Child: Pick Notre Dame Academy!

Our mission is your child’s success, and growth, in their education, faith, and social skills. If this is also your goal with your child’s education, and you are looking for a catholic school in San Diego, contact us, and we can give you more information on how you and your child can get started on this amazing journey!