Home School vs Private Schools in San Diego: A Guide to Making Your Decision

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important things you’ll do. The school your kids attend will have a huge impact on their lives. The lessons they learn there will help shape their minds and set them down the correct path going forward.

This is why many parents have moved away from public schools and toward private schools. But is private school worth it, especially when you can just as easily homeschool your kids? Let’s explore that.

Class Sizes & Socializing

Private school offers smaller class sizes than public schools, which means better education. But homeschooling offers the smallest class sizes possible. It’s just you and your kids in the “classroom” every day!

This can be a pro and a con. It’s great that you know what your children are up to and know where their influences are coming from. But it also means less socializing for your kids and less time for yourself.

Private schools give your kids more of a chance to make friends and learn social skills. Plus, their class sizes are still much smaller than public schools, and the crowd is usually more mature.

The best private schools are religious, so they are already practicing God’s morals. The students share their love of God and spread it to each other. With a private catholic school, you know your kids are learning to socialize in the best of environments.

Homeschooling will undoubtedly help strengthen your family bonds. You’ll love spending a lot of time with your kids, and they’ll love spending it with you. But, outside relationships are crucial for a kid’s development, too.

Private schools encourage help from parents for extracurricular activities. This means your kids will get to bond with you and others. The best of both worlds!

The Workload

Some private schools give a lot of homework. This can be stressful for young students and can even seem excessive at times. It does, however, teach them responsibility and time management skills and how to balance work with play.

With homeschooling, all the work is technically homework. If you don’t want your kids to do any work beyond the teaching hours, they don’t have to. It’s as simple as that, and it can reduce a lot of stress in the kids’ minds.

However, homeschooling does mean more of a workload for you, the teacher. Private schools may also be able to teach kids things that you can’t easily teach, like other languages.

If you’re working a job it can be very hard to balance this with homeschooling. You have to stay on top of your lesson plan, help your kids understand it and thrive, and check their work. The responsibilities start to stack.

If you’ve got kids of different ages it just adds to the stress of homeschooling. A six-year-old is going to learn very differently than an eight-year-old, for example. You’ll need different lesson plans and different strategies for each kid.

The Cost

Private school is far from the cheapest option. That price only goes up the more children you have. You know you’re getting the best education possible for the price, but it can still be a deterring factor for many.

Homeschooling still costs money, though. You’ll need to buy all the necessary materials for each given curriculum, which can equal upwards of $1,000 a year. Then there’s supplies, books, and the inescapable cost of your time.

You don’t need to spend a lot on homeschooling, but you’ll need to spend a bit if you want to give your kids the best learning experience. Still, it probably won’t be as expensive as private schools.

Private schools do their best to make the experience worth the money. They offer a great learning environment, teachers with a deep understanding of their subjects, and learning about God by people of God. For many, the price is well worth it.

The Education

Private schooling offers a better education than public schooling. Each student gets more one-on-one time thanks to the small class sizes, and the teachers seem to care more. The environment is much less stressful, with an emphasis on your kids’ future.

Homeschooling can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some students will thrive in the low-stress environment, and others will struggle. It all depends on how successful you as a parent are at teaching.

The curriculum gives you everything you need to teach your kids the essential skills they need. But every kid struggles in different areas, and this can be hard to see as the parent of the kids. You might be tempted to take it too easy on them, or simply not have the necessary skills to tutor them to their furthest level of success.

Outside tutoring can help with this, but some kids will fight against it. It also adds to costs. Private school teachers have had more experience in teaching, meaning they know how to get a student to thrive.

Plus, private schooling will teach your kids the importance of following God and how to properly worship him in all aspects of life. This includes lesson plans that work with God without sacrificing educational integrity. The teachers have been studying God their whole lives, and have a lot of insight into His teachings that they’re eager to pass on to their students.

Is Private School Worth It?

So, is a private school worth it?

Private schools may not be the right choice for everyone, but it is almost always worth it. If you want your kids to get the best education and social experiences possible, private school is the way to go. It may be a more costly option, but you know all your money is going to your kids’ future in education and God.

Before deciding between home and private schooling, go check out some private schools in your area. It’ll help make your decision a lot easier.

If you’re looking for an award-winning private school in the San Diego area, see what Notre Dame Academy can do for you. Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We’d be happy to help.