Great Tips For Finding The Best Private School For Your Kid In San Diego

Selecting the right school for your children is should take careful consideration. A school in which a child is allowed to thrive is the foundation of his or her entire education into adulthood. Private schools in San Diego are overflowing with special classes and extra-curricular activities that public schools won’t offer your child. For example, here at Notre Dame Academy, we strive to build creativity, critical thinking, and innovation within our students. We know how essential it is for you to have complete confidence in the school that your child attends.

We have thorough respect for each child’s individual needs in order to prosper; and we understand that from a parent’s point of view, there are no absolute right or wrong answers for the best private school for your child. With us or without us, we would like to share with you a few factors worth considering which we witness parents weighing during their decision making process as they make the best decisions possible for their children. Continue reading below for a few of the things which parents in our community have considered as they found the best private school for their child in San Diego.

Consider Community and Goals

Before diving into a select few private schools to choose from, there are a few things that you should consider. First, consider the reputation of the school within the community. Do you know anyone whose children attend that school? What are others in your neighborhood saying about the school? Are parents cynical, neutral, or effusive of the school they have selected for their children? Would they have chosen differently? Meeting the needs of children is a responsibility entire communities take part in, and parents selecting the best private school for their children to evaluate the community’s ability to lead.

Then, think about your child’s educational goals. What do you and your child expect to gain from his or her education? How well do your goals and the community’s goals align? Some private schools have a focus on a specific religion, such as a Catholic school, or a specific subject, such as an arts school. If your child enjoys engaging in school sports or other after-school activities, then you should look into what programs, athletics, and extracurricular activities that each school has to offer.

Consider a Consultant

Choosing the best private school community for your child is a big challenge, but it’s no less an important decision to get right so you child can educationally thrive. Thankfully, expert help is available. Education consultants keep in touch with private school communities in your area, and it’s their job to value the best interests of children in mind as they guide parents towards their best selection possible.

Because of a consultant’s community connections, they not only help find the right school for each child, they are in prime position to find the right children for each private school’s community. Private schools operate on a tuition-based model similar to colleges and thus have application processes, including varying acceptance rates. Consultants help parents keep this in mind, as well as several other factors that can sway a decision. What are my child’s chances of being accepted? How much is tuition? Can we apply to our preferred school at a later date if my child achieves better grades? Consultants have an esteemed role in our communities and can help parents create an initial list of private schools that they need before narrowing it down to one.

Consider Visiting the School

Once you have a good list of schools you’re considering for your child, schedule appointments with each one to tour them. Many schools will welcome you and your family for the tour and will enjoy showing you around. When scheduling your visit to your private schools of choice, be sure to do the following:

Bring a List of Questions

Put together a list of questions that you have for the school. Don’t rely on your memory to tell you which questions you need to ask. You might have your questions down pack now, but in the moment, you can become so excited about the tour that you forget.

Here is a list of good questions to bring with you:

  1. What’s the school’s mission statement?
  2. What’s the school’s homework policy?
  3. What’s the school’s average class size?
  4. What extracurricular activities are available?
  5. How are the arts incorporated into the curriculum?
  6. What are some of the school’s biggest achievements?

Write these questions down, take a screenshot, do whatever you need to do to remember to ask these questions. You won’t regret it. Having these questions available to you when visiting the school shows your interest in the school and your seriousness about your child’s education — something the best private schools take into consideration.

Audit a Class

Some schools allow parents to audit a class. Sitting in a class is a great way to get a feel for the classroom environment offered at the school. You’ll also get to see each teacher’s teaching styles and how your child might benefit.

Consider Asking Current Parents of Students

If you want to get the inside scoop on any school, who better to ask than the current parents of the students? These parents have already gotten a feel for the school and know all the ins and outs of it. They’ll be able to answer a good amount of questions for you and offer you honest answers. There are things that only parents of current students can answer. So for serious insight, these are the best people to ask. Speaking with parents will improve your ideas of which schools to fill applications for.

Consider the Data

Ask the school about their statistical ranks, and cross-reference them from an independent source, such as a consultant. As students perform well at standardized tests, schools gain in rank. These statistics and others as well are essential in determining if a school is right for you and your child. Contact the school’s district to verify the school’s accreditation status. With access to hard data, thorough research by parents assure schools meet all their expectations.

What’s the Best Private School for Your Child?

After reading our guide, we hope you now know how to find the best private school in San Diego for your child. Keep these factors in mind and learn more about what academics our private school offers by clicking here.

With our focus on early education, we are ready to personally guide your child through their education journey, and of course, assuage any concerns parents have.