7 Features of a Well-Rounded Education in Carmel Valley, California

Are you looking for a quality San Diego private school for your child? Do you value a quality education but also want your child to have other opportunities outside the classroom? 

Experiencing a quality, well-rounded education will give your child a competitive advantage at the next level. If you’re looking for an excellent, well-rounded education for your student, then you need to know what to look for.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that is, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to make the best decision possible for your child. Be sure your top choice offers these seven attributes. 

1. Personalized Attention

You might have heard that small class sizes don’t always matter. But the fact is that students in smaller classes do usually score better on assessments. And the majority score two months ahead in content knowledge over their peers in larger classes. 

More than assessment scores, however, are the opportunities afforded to students in smaller classes. Students get more personalized attention from their teachers when classes are smaller. 

Additionally, students show to be more engaged in classrooms with smaller student sizes. They can work together in small groups and have more opportunities for classroom activities and demonstrations to get hands-on experience. 

2. Focus on Arts and Humanities

Traditionally, the arts and humanities included art, history, literature, and philosophy. However, today’s well-rounded schools are also including opportunities to experience and learn about performing arts, media, and communication, along with other opportunities that traditional schools can’t offer. 

This focus on the arts and humanities gives students exposure to courses that would be considered a luxury in other schools. But here, they are an integral part of our general education, and we encourage all students to participate. 

3. Music Classes

It has been well documented that students who learn and perform musical instruments do better in other classes on campus. So if you want your child to excel in their STEM classes, encourage them to pick up an instrument.

Here at Notre Dame Academy, all our students participate in music. And once a year, you can watch your child perform in our musical showcase. Every student is allowed to share their talents with the school and with you. 

Music helps students understand complex math concepts makes parents across the country wonder why it’s always the first to get cancelled. But when you send your student to a well-rounded private education, you can give your child the opportunity to study music along with all their other peers. 

4. Emphasis on Computer Science

While arts and music are one arm of the well-round spectrum, they aren’t the only ones. Your child should also have opportunities for early exposure to computer science.

And this isn’t a basic typing class offered at public schools across the country. Your child can learn coding at a very early age. This early exposure has been shown to give children a head start to give them the advantage for years to come in college and their careers.  

Computer science also doesn’t stop with software and coding. It also includes learning about the hardware and how computers work. A great school will offer all aspects of computers for their students to get a well-rounded education. 

5. Emphasis on Soft Skills

Scoring well on tests shouldn’t be the sole focus of your child’s school. For your child to receive a quality education that will carry them into their future lives and careers, they need to learn soft skills. 

Today’s employers look for candidates that exhibit the following qualities in addition to academic achievements: 

  • time management
  • study skills
  • interpersonal relationships and communication
  • teamwork
  • critical thinking skills

These soft skills will give your student an edge in their future careers. Here at NDASD, we also pride ourselves in raising adults who are productive members of society. And learning these critical soft skills will help your child far beyond the classroom. 

6. Encourage Experiences Outside the Classroom

Being a good steward of your community doesn’t end with soft skills. Here at NDASD, we also work with our students to show them how important it is to participate in volunteer work

We have several outreach projects to help those less fortunate. And several of our students find fulfillment in helping out with these projects. Additionally, all of our middle school students participate in service with local non-profits in our community. 

Our students also have more opportunities to join in with their peers in extracurricular activities and sports. These extra after-school opportunities give our students more advantages than they would otherwise receive elsewhere.

7. Encourage Building Teacher’s Skills

The best schools in San Diego don’t stop at just ensuring their students have great opportunities. They also encourage their staff to continue building their skills and knowledge. 

Continued professional development is important to ensure our faculty remains competitive among their peers. As you compare schools for your child, ask what support the teachers are given to further their education. This will ensure your child is learning the most up-to-date information and is benefiting from the latest teaching techniques. 

As you can see, there are several key features to look for when searching for the best educational opportunities for your student. 

Give Your Child a Well-Rounded Education

As you’re searching for the best San Diego Catholic school with the most opportunities for your child, then we encourage you to look no further than Notre Dame Academy. 

We pride ourselves on giving our students a comprehensive and fulfilling education. We’ve been helping our students find their full potential for 15 years and look forward to showing you how we can open doors for your child as well. 

For more information about how you can give your child the best foundation for their future, contact us today