Private Middle Schools in San Diego

Private schools rely heavily on donations and student fees to fund their operations. From liberal arts colleges and fine arts colleges, to religious institutions that specialize in a particular field, like business or medicine, these establishments may feature a variety of options. Although this isn’t always the case, classes at these institutions may be smaller than those at public universities. Because private schools are administered independently, they set their policies and academic standards.
Private Middle school is the most crucial time for teenagers’ social and emotional development. They’re preparing themselves to undergo many physical and emotional changes they’ve never experienced. While one is increasing in self-awareness, understanding others may not be as easy. Students require positive ties with people during their academic life, as this positively effects other areas of their lives. Many young people don’t know where they fit in the world just yet. So, it is very necessary for parents to send their children to a middle school that prioritizes their academic and social experience.
Few Private Schools in San Diego, CA, are mentioned below:

• Francis Parker School, usually known as Parker, is a junior kindergarten through twelfth-grade college preparatory, independent day school in San Diego, California. Clara Sturges Johnson and William Templeton Johnson, new immigrants to the West Coast, formed Parker in 1912.

• The independent La Jolla Country Day School is located in University City, a district of San Diego, California. There are lower, middle, and upper schools at the institution. “Scientia Pacifica” is the school’s motto.

• Futures Academy, San Diego, offers all learners a secure and comfortable learning environment. There are actors and professional surfers for pupils who need one-on-one teaching because they have learning difficulties.

• Every kid is educated and given the tools they need by the Challenger Middle School community to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. They serve as role models for honesty, tenacity, critical analysis, introspection, and communication. They embrace individual variations to foster a feeling of community.

If you’re investigating schooling options for your children, has private school come up? While it’s a popular choice for high schoolers, it’s also valuable for younger students.

Private school is one of the best education options available today. If you’re looking to empower your child to succeed, private school is one of the best options. 

That’s why we’ve assembled a guide to seven reasons that you should consider sending your child to private school. Let’s get started!

1. Maximize Potential 

When selecting schooling options, what is your end goal? Many parents envision a successful future for their children and make choices that will help them get there. 

If you envision a collegiate future for your child, private school is a great path. Many of these schools place a heavy focus on academic competition, college prep, and competitive applications. 

Private schools are also great education options for gifted children. In public schools, education is more of a one-size-fits-all approach. 

In private schools, there is funding available for advanced tracks. These students are able to receive an education tailored to their gifts. 

If your child has specialized niche interests, or if you want to improve their chances of getting into a great college, private school may be the way to go.

2. Catholicism 

For many people, the words private school are immediately associated with Catholicism. This isn’t as true as it used to be.

While there are still many fine Catholic schools, there are also non-denominational or secular schools. If you are Catholic, a school that mimics those beliefs may be a pro.

Your child can be raised in accordance with your religious beliefs. Religious services like chapel can be included with their education. Children may also be exposed to religious classes, theology courses, and so forth.

If you aren’t Catholic, there are other fantastic private schools that can serve your child’s educational needs.

3. Participating In A Community

Looking for a strong educational community to expose your child to? Private school is a great place to develop these relationships. 

In academia, many opportunities are directly tied to networking. Who do you know, and what can they do for you? This is true when it comes to college applications, scholarship opportunities, and more. 

When you enroll your child in private school, you join a network of ambitious, academic-focused families. This provides a valuable support network for both children and parents. 

When students are surrounded by like-minded peers, they are often motivated to pursue greater heights. From pursuing extracurricular activities to applying for scholarships, students can network and motivate each other—which can make all the difference in high school.

It’s time to think of the long game, too. If your children are in elementary or middle school, it may seem too early to think of college or high school. However, many parents start thinking about it early—when deciding which Pre-K program to enroll their child in!

After your child graduates from high school, there are still valuable networking connections to be made. Alumni mentoring programs, college recommendations, internships, and support systems are all important parts of the private school experience.

4. Educational Options 

If you’re trying to find a school, the geographical limitations may make for a bleak selection. Some public schools are woefully understaffed and underfunded.

This can limit your child’s development, hobbies, social network, and extracurricular options. Childhood, particularly in the years between three and eleven, is the time to embrace exploration.

For many private schools, tuition is costly enough to provide lots of funding. Students are able to dabble in many hobbies, fun classes, and educational opportunities. 

When kids are allowed to experiment, it helps them narrow down what they’re interested in—which can make decisions easier! When it’s time to select careers and college majors, they’ll have the life experience necessary to feel confident.

5. Embracing The Arts

All education options should provide the same baseline service. Equipping children with basic knowledge and life skills is crucial, whether you’re in private or public school.

However, there’s so much more to discover outside of reading, writing, and arithmetic. There’s a whole world out there, and many schools don’t have the staff or funding to allow students to explore it. 

If your child is excited about the arts, private school may be a fantastic option. If your child lights up at the idea of art classes, participating in the school play, or learning a musical instrument, investigate schools with those options.

6. Specialized Instruction

Many parents envision private school as a hotbed of future geniuses. What if your child has learning disabilities, unique needs, or other circumstances that make public school a poor option?

Private school isn’t just for traditional learners. There are lots of benefits to the private school approach:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Better funding 
  • More options for learning programs
  • Better teachers

If your child has a unique learning style, for example, private schools can often offer a customized experience that public options can ill afford.

7. Developing Well-Rounded Students

From the ages of three years old to eleven years old, a lot of maturation occurs. Students are learning so much: about themselves and the world around them. 

During this time, students are also developing their learning styles. Schools can only equip a child with so much knowledge. At the end of the day, they’re really teaching students to foster a sense of curiosity and equip them with the tools to find the answers for themselves.

At a private school, the curriculum often focuses on critical analysis, probing questions, and fulfilling curiosity. For learners that want to know everything, this is often perfect.

Finding The Right Schooling Options 

When investigating schooling options, the pressure feels high. After all, finding the best schools for your child is a big deal!

If you’re looking for an immersive community that helps support your child as they develop their religious, academic, athletic, and artistic talents, we’re here to help. Contact us today!

Did you know that children who learn a foreign language have better brain function, more empathy, and perform better in school?

It can be a difficult thing to know what to do in order to prepare your child for success. There are many children’s programs that offer promises that they don’t deliver on. 

But did you realize that one of the best things you can do to help prepare your child for success is to help him or her learn a foreign language?

If you want to find out how to help your child get started in doing this, read on and we’ll tell you what you need to know. 

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Getting Started Early 

No matter how young or old your child is, you should get started now in teaching them the basics of a foreign language. By introducing the concepts for language training while your child is still young, it will be easier for them to learn a second language when they are older. 

There are several easy ways to do this. When you are talking to your child, consider occasionally using words in a foreign language so that your child gets used to hearing the new language.

For example, when they wake up in the mornings, after asking if they want to eat breakfast, you should ask this question a second time in the language that you want them to learn. 

Since childrens’ brains are wired to learn new languages, your child will quickly begin to pick up new words and concepts. 

Make Time to Learn Together While Making It Fun

Children thrive in situations where they get to be a part of a team. By becoming a part of your child’s adventure of learning a new language, they will understand that they are not alone. This will help them to feel encouraged. It will also motivate them to learn. 

If you’re looking for ways to join your child in learning a new language, there are many online resources that can help you to do this. Here are some of the best kinds of resources that will help your child learn a new language. 

Listen to Music

One helpful way to use music to help your child learn a foreign language is to find songs that your child already loves to listen to which they can listen to in the language that you want them to learn. 

If you start making a daily ritual of listening to one of their favorite songs in a new language, your child will start picking up new words and phrases very quickly. Doing this will also create an opportunity for you to have conversations with your child about the similarities and differences between the lyrics sung in each of the versions of your child’s favorite song. 

Read Bilingual Books

When you sit with your child to read a bilingual book, they benefit from being able to make comparisons between the words of one language and another.

Your child will also benefit from learning visually by having the chance to read words on the page.

This is a great strategy that will complement what they’re already doing by listening to the way foreign words are spoken through music. If you read books with your child in foreign a foreign language, you’ll also be preparing them to excel in our World Languages Programs

Illustrated Dictionaries

It’s always a good idea to have one or two illustrated dictionaries lying around your house. This way, when your child has a question about a new word they’re learning, they can read about it in two different languages. 

Illustrated dictionaries also make learning fun for your child. If you don’t want to have another book lying around your house, you can also give them a bilingual illustrated dictionary for them to read on their digital device. This will be helpful for your child because they’ll easily be able to use it wherever they go. 

Enroll Your Child in a Private School

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a private school. Not only will our youth get the benefit of having more individualized attention, but they will also have the opportunity to participate in various specialized programs. 

In contrast to what most public schools offer, it is common for private schools to offer programs for children who are interested in learning a language. These programs are engaging and usually designed to complement the other subjects that they’re already studying. 

By attending a private school, your child will also have the chance to take part in extracurricular activities related to language learning, such as visiting cultural centers and traveling to new places. 

Another benefit of enrolling your child in a private school is that she or he will help your child to be better prepared for college. 

Don’t Worry If You’re Monolingual

Even if you only speak one language, this does not mean that your child can’t learn a second language. If you’re in this situation, remember that the key is being more intentional in your approach.

For example, you might consider hiring a private tutor for your child. You can also enroll your child in summer immersion programs that include curriculums related to language learning. 

Many parents also choose to take the opportunity to learn a new language alongside their children. They do this by attending in-person or online adult language learning classes. 

Help Your Child Learn a Foreign Language Today

There are many easy ways to help your child to learn a foreign language.

One easy way to get started is by speaking to your child in the language that you want them to learn. You can also listen to bilingual books and music. Once your child is old enough, consider enrolling them in a private school. 

If you want to find out more about how to help your child learn a new language by attending a private school, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our World Languages & Arts Programs can help set your child up for success. 

With over 34,000 private schools in the US, nearly 4000 of which are in California, the choice available to parents has never been greater.

Of course, that also makes the decision of which school is right for your child that little bit more of a challenge.

Are you starting your search for a top private school? Read on for our detailed private school guide on what to consider when looking for the best educational destination for your family.


When choosing a private school for your child, you want to look at the driving time and find a school within easy distance from your home. And don’t forget to look at practical aspects such as easy, safe parking.

You want your child to have a top-class educational space that will inspire their minds. When selecting a school, consider the surrounding area. How big is the campus? What outdoor space is on offer?


The best private schools offer a balanced, rigorous curriculum that will engage and stretch your child to their full potential.

That will give your child the well-rounded education that will set them up for success later in life when applying to college.

Consider whether the school offers advanced or accelerated courses in core subjects like math and science for more gifted children.

You’ll want to know if your child will get the attention and the support they need in the class. Find out the typical class sizes and whether the school uses support staff to assist in the classrooms. 

Extracurricular Options

You’ll want your child to have the opportunity to apply to some of the top colleges when they finish school. So now is the time to get them involved in a range of extracurricular activities that will expand their horizon.

These types of activities give your child new life skills beyond the classroom. Some children will discover passions and talents that stay with them for decades.

An excellent private school will have a range of extracurricular activities to fit all children’s skills and personalities. That might include sports, music, languages, arts, drama, STEM workshops, or community programs.

These activities often run after school hours and will be valuable if you need after-school care to fit in with your daily work schedule.

Learning, Social and Emotional Support

Some children will have additional needs. And all children navigating the modern world need some level of support from a school that reaches beyond the academic.

Look for a school that provides support and care that will help your child grow up confident, balanced, and happy. 

Academic Reputation

You’ll want some reassurance that you are paying for exemplary education when you are sending your child to a private school.

Take the time to review the academic reputation of the school, including attainment levels in key subjects. Ask prospective institutes to provide any information they have on destination schools and colleges for past students.

Remember to think about your goals for your child. What are your long-term priorities for their education? Asking this question will help you find the school that aligns with your personal goals. 

Parent Recommendations

Current and past parents of your shortlisted school are likely to provide an honest and detailed account of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll get helpful insight into whether this school will be the right choice for your child. 

Prepare Questions

Before you approach your shortlisted school, prepare a set of questions. A good school will be open and transparent and will be happy to answer any concerns or reservations you have, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

School Open Day

A school visit is essential before you make your final decision. That will allow you to see the facilities, talk to the teachers, and talk to current students in the school.

If you can, take the time to observe the school separate from the official tour. Watch how students interact with each other and with staff. If you see the school during the lunch period, watch for children’s activity.

Are there children who sit alone or seem isolated, or is there a warm camaraderie in the school?

That will give you an intuitive answer about whether you can see your child enjoying the school and settling into the environment.

Make sure the tour includes a look at some of the resources and facilities you should expect from a top private school, including IT equipment, library, and sports grounds.

Religious Teaching

For families of faith, religious instruction will be a central part of your school choice. You’ll want a school that not only reflects your values but involves you and your family as part of the school.

Find out how religious teaching fits into the academic and social aspects of school life, how embedded the faith is in the teaching ethos, and whether it is part of its values.


Scholarships are sometimes on offer for the most talented and gifted students.
If you feel your child is advanced in one curriculum area, talk to prospective schools to find out what scholarships are available and the criteria.

Scholarships are competitive, and for some awards, there may be rigorous examinations or auditions for candidates, so keep this in mind.

Review the Admission Process

Each school will have its criteria for accepting students. That might include academic performance, religious affiliation, and evidence of extracurricular achievements.

Take time to review the school’s website, as this will contain details of the step-by-step admissions process, including any deadlines that you’ll need to add to your calendar.

The Top Private School for Your Family

Opting for a top private school is one of the most valuable gifts you can bestow upon your child. You’ll be offering up a world of opportunity that comes from a first-class education. 

The exceptional Catholic teaching environment we have created at Notre Dame Academy in the beautiful Carmel Valley is here for you to explore.

To discover more, take a look at our mission and values and book a tour to explore our outstanding school in person. 

If you’re thinking about sending your child to a Carmel Valley preschool, then it is clear you want to give your little one every opportunity to meet their best developmental potential. The scientific literature is mixed on how much preschool gives a child an advantage in their education because of so many variables.

However, the fact is that your child’s learning potential needs to be stimulated from a young age so as to develop mentally, emotionally, and even physically. It’s thought that as much as 50 percent of the brain’s capacity to learn is already developed by 3 years of age. It stands to reason that starting your child’s education early will make a big difference.

In this article, we’ll talk you through 7 factors to consider before choosing a Carmel Valley preschool. Keeping these factors in mind will enable your child to reap the rewards of a golden period of learning in their early life.

1. School License

Make sure you do your homework on the school’s license and track history. Most states have requirements about licensing so you can check those standards are being met. It is not enough to have a license, you want to make sure that the school has performed well in previous inspections and has a culture of continual improvement.

Find the school online and use the State resources website to check details about previous inspections and the results. This is a great place to start your search because it may allow you to cross off some of your list and focus your efforts in a more productive way.

2. School Schedule

As a busy parent, you need freedom and flexibility when forming your child’s education as well as meeting the needs of the wider family and even professional obligations. Research how flexible the school is in making a schedule.

Will education and care be full-time, is it only part-time, or are there options for both depending on the time of year and other seasonal variables? Only you know what your commitments are and how you can balance all of that, but you definitely want a school that adapts with you otherwise it will become more of a burden than a help.

3. Atmosphere and Culture

It is scary to think your little one is going off into the world for the first time without you. That means you will trust other people, to some degree, with helping to instill moral values and influence your child’s attitude towards others. In short, your preschool in Carmel Valley must reflect your values. 

Some of those values come from your religious background and others from your formal education. So it is wise to carefully choose schools that align with your expectations.

4. Health and Safety Policy

This sounds obvious but sadly it could be overlooked. Of course, the school will have a policy but you’re wise to ask practical questions. Are all the staff trained in CPR?

Is the school clean and well maintained? Does the school operate a handwashing policy? What are the requirements for immunizations? 

What policies are in place for visitors to the school? What is access to the building like?

Are there proper security measures to protect the children from strangers coming into the school? The speed and ease of getting answers to these questions will be a measure of how professional the school is. 

5. Staff Qualifications

Go to the school website and read about the qualifications of the teachers, carers, and associated staff. Do they have specific qualifications for looking after young children?

Do some of the staff have an educational background in early development, education, and childcare? As you read through the staff profiles you should feel reassured that the staff are well qualified, experienced, and offer a balance of skills needed for this kind of educational setting.

6. Curriculum Design 

Preschool offers considerable flexibility in the design and development of the curriculum when compared with standard schools and traditional school entry ages. That is a good thing in some ways but it also means that you need to do your work first to make sure the educational approach of the school meets with your approval.

For example, what is the difference between STEAM and STEM learning methodologies? Do you want a preschool that focuses on critical thinking and problem solving or do you want a wider education to include the arts? Whatever your philosophy is, you need to check out the school’s curriculum.

7. Communication Channels

How will the school communicate with you? Will they want to meet with you regularly to talk person to person? If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher, how accessible are they?

Does the school employ any online tools and metrics to help measure your child’s progress and achievement of goals? In short, is the school skilled in communicating with you using media that is user-friendly and matches your needs?

Perfect Carmel Valley Preschool

In this article, you’ve read about 7 factors to consider when choosing a Carmel Valley preschool. It’s a big decision and one worthy of time and careful consideration. As you begin your research and assessment, keep this article as a handy reference and you’ll find that you’re able to skillfully narrow down your options.

Providing a springboard for excellence, development, and growth is what we specialize in doing. If you have questions or simply want to talk, please get in touch here as we would love to hear from you.

Catholic schools are there to provide children with an alternative form of education. 

For parents who are Catholic, it is a faith-based environment with Catholic morals that they are looking for. 

About 1.6 million children in the United States are enrolled in Catholic schools. Some who reside in the San Diego, area may be looking to have their kids be part of that statistic by enrolling them into a San Diego Catholic school. 

As parents, many have the need to seek out the best education possible for their children. So, you may be wondering how a Catholic school ensures that for you? 

Well, this is what your children can expect. 

Lower Student Population

This probably does not surprise many, but Catholic schools in San Diego can offer a lower student population than a public school can. 

According to this study, the average private school population is 166 students, whereas the average public school population is 566 students. That is about one-third of the students compared to a public school, so the halls and classrooms will not feel nearly as crowded. 

What does this mean for the student-teacher ratio? The difference is not quite as staggering as the overall population, but it is still significant with private schools averaging 11.9 students per teacher, versus 16.2 students per teacher in public schools. 

All of this means that your student is much less likely to be overlooked and lumped into part of a large crowd, and that will increase your student’s personalized attention with the teachers at a Catholic school. 

This can also allow students to create a closer community with each other. With about one-third of the population, students are more likely to all know each other. In a public school, more students can be invisible among each other simply because of how many faces there are. 

However, some debate if this is always a good thing. Seeing the same people that you may not like, may wear some students down. 

But, this environment is more likely to have children from like-minded families, which can lead to like-minded interests. Once you do find your friends here, you do not have to worry about getting separated compared to a public school. 


Unlike a public school, in a Catholic school, you have to wear a uniform. The pros are that since everyone is dressed the same, no students can really judge the others on what they are wearing. 

In other words, it is a sign of unification, signifying that the students are all in this together trying to accomplish the same goal. 

The main con is that it may not be comfortable for students that are used to wearing whatever they want. For example, a boy may go from wearing a t-shirt and shorts to a collared shirt and tie. A girl may go from wearing jeans regularly to having to wear a skirt. 

However, this may prepare students to enter a formal work environment, and they will be ready to dress more professionally in the blink of an eye.

For parents, you will save money buying new clothes for your kids. Your kids will save time in the morning picking out an outfit to wear for the day, so they can sleep in a little longer! 

Step Up in Extracurricular Activities

This is where your kids will really get to shine. Private Catholic elementary schools can offer an opportunity for your children to take the next level in their favorite sport or other after-school activity. 

It is partially because Catholic schools have the ability to group kids from several different areas into one school. Public schools are limited to whoever lives in their town. 

But, say you wanted to establish a talented basketball team; you can have a starting lineup with kids that live in five different towns because a Catholic school is a private school where parents opt to pay tuition. 

Also, that tuition allows Catholic schools to invest in amenities that students can use, allowing them to excel in that activity and even gain a competitive advantage. This can be anything from; renovating a soccer field, providing a theater for the drama club, having an art studio, a piano for the musicians, and more. 

Some parents send their kids to Catholic school specifically to provide them with the best opportunity in an extracurricular activity that their child is skilled in. Taking a look at what resources Catholic schools have and what people you can line yourself up with, allow more of the community feeling to develop in the families involved. 

Catholic Practices and Education 

Finally, something your child should expect is to participate in some religious aspects in school. This is something that has no presence in public schools, so it may be an adjustment for your child, but important for a parent that participates in these themselves. 

For example; a Catholic school does teach the usual subjects like math, English, science, etc., but they also dedicate time to teaching religion. This can range from Bible study, talking about passages, messages, events in Catholic history, and more. 

Finding where along with the other core subjects, religion is added to those in a Catholic school. 

Besides textbook learning, children should expect to participate in Catholic practices. This can be anything from saying prayers, attending a school mass, receiving communion, and more. 

Also, there may be more adults around and involved, along with the usual teachers and principal. Catholic schools usually have a priest at least come visit students or perform a mass. Some priests even teach and work with the school directly. 

Nuns are also likely to be heavily involved with Catholic schools, such as the Sisters seen at Notre Dame Academy. This can be anything from a mass or other religious practice, to teaching in the school or having an office position in the school themselves. 

Find Your San Diego Catholic School 

These are just some of the basic expectations families will find from the San Diego Catholic schools versus a public school.

If you are interested and or have more questions about the Catholic school culture, you can contact us to have your questions answered and schedule a tour with us to get a better idea of the benefits of enrolling your child! 

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You’ve been giving a lot of thought to your child’s schooling. Specifically, should your child attend a public school or a private one? And if it’s a private one, would a Catholic school be the best option? 

Catholic school education certainly brings with it a number of benefits. Curious as to the specific benefits of Catholic school? Then read on.

Here are 7 benefits of a private Catholic school in San Diego, California. 

1. Lower Tuition

As you might know, private schooling can cost a pretty penny. In fact, some private institutions cost as much as $85,000 a year. Note, however, that if you compare Catholic private schools to secular private schools, you’ll generally find that Catholic private schools are much more affordable in general. 

As such, by sending your child to a Catholic private school, he or she can get many of the perks of private schooling for just a fraction of the price. These perks include small class sizes, personalized teaching, a variety of extracurriculars, and more. 

If public school is a no-go for you, and if you’re looking to spend a relatively small amount of money, Catholic school will serve you well. 

2. Greater Focus on Serving the Community 

Catholic schools don’t just focus on academics. They place a great amount of emphasis on serving the community as well. This isn’t always true of public schools or even secular private schools. 

Not only do Catholic schools instill the importance of community service through the teachings of the Bible, but they also often require students to participate in community service activities outside of school. 

So, if you want your child to see the importance of helping others, Catholic school is a good way to go. It will provide an environment in which helping others is a given. 

3. Like-minded Classmates

Another benefit of a Catholic school is that it puts students in contact with like-minded classmates. Not only are these classmates religious-minded, but usually academically serious as well. Secular private schools can meet one of these criteria, but not necessarily the other. 

Public schools offer a variety of different types of students, some of whom take school seriously, and others of whom disregard its importance. A child can still receive a quality education at a public school, but will likely run into more bad influences as well. 

4. High Success Rates 

You might not yet know what you want for your child after his or her school career has ended. However, if you’re like a lot of parents, you want your child to go to a good college. This is where a Catholic school can be a huge help. 

Simply put, Catholic schools do a better job of sending kids to college than do public schools. Not only do they graduate 99% of their students but they also send approximately 86% of those students to 4-year colleges. 

As such, if you send your child to Catholic school, there is an exceedingly high chance that he or she will also go to college. That equals a reliable career track which eventually results in a successful and fulfilling life. 

5. Catholic-based Education 

If your family is Catholic, you might have an interest in providing your child with a Catholic-based education. If so, there’s no better place for him or her to go than to a Catholic school. 

While Catholic schools focus on all manner of academics, they make sure to prioritize Catholic religious teachings. Students are required to attend mass and engage in Bible study and are always under the influence of priests, nuns, and other religious authorities. 

This isn’t to say that your child has to be Catholic in order to attend a Catholic school. In fact, a large percentage (around 18.7%) of Catholic school students are not, in fact, Catholic themselves. But, in any case, the Catholic religion espouses values that can benefit anyone, regardless of religious affiliation. 

6. Top-notch Extracurriculars

Catholic schools, like most private schools, are known for providing top-notch extracurricular activities. Not only do they provide a variety of sports, but theater, music, art, and more. These activities are usually provided at public schools, but not to the same extent as they’re provided at Catholic schools. 

Catholic schools generally offer greater amenities to help facilitate these extracurriculars. These include everything from athletic facilities to theaters to auditoriums and the like. 

If you want your child to be involved in more than just school, a Catholic private school will serve him or her well. It will open up all sorts of opportunities allowing your child to find his or her true passions. 

7. Uniforms

You may not be a fan of school uniforms. If not, you can disregard this point. However, if you are in favor of kids wearing uniforms at school, you’ll be happy to hear that most Catholic schools require them. 

There are certainly some benefits that come with uniform policies. For one, you don’t have to worry about what your kids will wear. You can just throw them in the same clothing each and every day. 

In addition, uniforms save you from a substantial amount of clothes shopping. You’ll likely save both time and money. 

There’s also the fact that uniforms are, well, uniform. As such, they help to deter cliques and other potentially harmful social structures. 

Looking for a Private Catholic School in San Diego? 

If a Catholic school appeals to you, and if you’re looking for a private Catholic school in San Diego, you’re in the right place. Notre Dame Academy is the school you seek. 

We teach students from preschool through 8th grade, helping them reach their academic potential while also instilling in them the values of the Catholic church. Staffed with highly qualified teachers and administrators, we do everything we can to help our students succeed. 

Contact us now to discuss enrollment! 

Are you looking for a quality San Diego private school for your child? Do you value a quality education but also want your child to have other opportunities outside the classroom? 

Experiencing a quality, well-rounded education will give your child a competitive advantage at the next level. If you’re looking for an excellent, well-rounded education for your student, then you need to know what to look for.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that is, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to make the best decision possible for your child. Be sure your top choice offers these seven attributes. 

1. Personalized Attention

You might have heard that small class sizes don’t always matter. But the fact is that students in smaller classes do usually score better on assessments. And the majority score two months ahead in content knowledge over their peers in larger classes. 

More than assessment scores, however, are the opportunities afforded to students in smaller classes. Students get more personalized attention from their teachers when classes are smaller. 

Additionally, students show to be more engaged in classrooms with smaller student sizes. They can work together in small groups and have more opportunities for classroom activities and demonstrations to get hands-on experience. 

2. Focus on Arts and Humanities

Traditionally, the arts and humanities included art, history, literature, and philosophy. However, today’s well-rounded schools are also including opportunities to experience and learn about performing arts, media, and communication, along with other opportunities that traditional schools can’t offer. 

This focus on the arts and humanities gives students exposure to courses that would be considered a luxury in other schools. But here, they are an integral part of our general education, and we encourage all students to participate. 

3. Music Classes

It has been well documented that students who learn and perform musical instruments do better in other classes on campus. So if you want your child to excel in their STEM classes, encourage them to pick up an instrument.

Here at Notre Dame Academy, all our students participate in music. And once a year, you can watch your child perform in our musical showcase. Every student is allowed to share their talents with the school and with you. 

Music helps students understand complex math concepts makes parents across the country wonder why it’s always the first to get cancelled. But when you send your student to a well-rounded private education, you can give your child the opportunity to study music along with all their other peers. 

4. Emphasis on Computer Science

While arts and music are one arm of the well-round spectrum, they aren’t the only ones. Your child should also have opportunities for early exposure to computer science.

And this isn’t a basic typing class offered at public schools across the country. Your child can learn coding at a very early age. This early exposure has been shown to give children a head start to give them the advantage for years to come in college and their careers.  

Computer science also doesn’t stop with software and coding. It also includes learning about the hardware and how computers work. A great school will offer all aspects of computers for their students to get a well-rounded education. 

5. Emphasis on Soft Skills

Scoring well on tests shouldn’t be the sole focus of your child’s school. For your child to receive a quality education that will carry them into their future lives and careers, they need to learn soft skills. 

Today’s employers look for candidates that exhibit the following qualities in addition to academic achievements: 

  • time management
  • study skills
  • interpersonal relationships and communication
  • teamwork
  • critical thinking skills

These soft skills will give your student an edge in their future careers. Here at NDASD, we also pride ourselves in raising adults who are productive members of society. And learning these critical soft skills will help your child far beyond the classroom. 

6. Encourage Experiences Outside the Classroom

Being a good steward of your community doesn’t end with soft skills. Here at NDASD, we also work with our students to show them how important it is to participate in volunteer work

We have several outreach projects to help those less fortunate. And several of our students find fulfillment in helping out with these projects. Additionally, all of our middle school students participate in service with local non-profits in our community. 

Our students also have more opportunities to join in with their peers in extracurricular activities and sports. These extra after-school opportunities give our students more advantages than they would otherwise receive elsewhere.

7. Encourage Building Teacher’s Skills

The best schools in San Diego don’t stop at just ensuring their students have great opportunities. They also encourage their staff to continue building their skills and knowledge. 

Continued professional development is important to ensure our faculty remains competitive among their peers. As you compare schools for your child, ask what support the teachers are given to further their education. This will ensure your child is learning the most up-to-date information and is benefiting from the latest teaching techniques. 

As you can see, there are several key features to look for when searching for the best educational opportunities for your student. 

Give Your Child a Well-Rounded Education

As you’re searching for the best San Diego Catholic school with the most opportunities for your child, then we encourage you to look no further than Notre Dame Academy. 

We pride ourselves on giving our students a comprehensive and fulfilling education. We’ve been helping our students find their full potential for 15 years and look forward to showing you how we can open doors for your child as well. 

For more information about how you can give your child the best foundation for their future, contact us today

Are you looking for a San Diego private school? Are you wondering how to begin your search?

The best Catholic schools in San Diego all have some things in common. They offer rigorous academic opportunities, a solid moral foundation, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

When you’re starting to look for the best school for your child, you’ll want to do your research. An excellent private education is an investment with payoffs that will last a lifetime.

Here’s what you should be looking for.

1. Rigorous Academics

Many parents choose private schools because they feel their children aren’t being adequately challenged in their local public schools. When you’re searching for a Catholic school, make sure you ask about how students will get stimulated on an academic level.

Academic rigor means that children are being appropriately challenged. It provides higher standards and higher-level, thought-provoking thinking.

The teachers in the best San Diego schools will provide challenging materials and assessments. Classes will offer a great deal of information.

The teacher will be there to scaffold material so students can understand the progression from one unit to the next. They provide intervention if a student needs help understanding material. They will continue to communicate their belief in every child’s ability to succeed.

2. Faith Formation

Your faith may be a critical part of the foundation of your family life. It may provide moral standards, traditions, and hope that are critical to bringing up your children in a responsible, positive manner.

If you’re looking for faith formation to get added to your child’s educational experience, a quality Catholic school may be an excellent choice. Ask about how your child will learn about Biblical history and values as they relate to their other studies, as well as their choices in life. Faith formation is a central part of a quality private Catholic education.

3. Extracurricular Opportunities

Today’s Catholic schools don’t stop teaching in the classroom. While you’re searching for the best school for your child, find out about after-school activities that could enrich your child’s education. These are especially beneficial if aftercare is required for your child.

The right Catholic school won’t leave out important, soul-enhancing activities like music and art. They’ll also have activities available in STEAM subjects, robotics, and engineering. Your Catholic school may also allow children to explore their interests in languages and sports activities.

4. Individualized Attention

Many children choose a private school for their children because of the smaller class sizes. Every child will get noticed, and immediate help will get provided if they need it. There are fewer disruptions and teachers can focus on communicating their subject matter.

Assignments can get tailored toward each class, depending upon their academic needs and interests. Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions if they don’t understand something.

With smaller class sizes, teachers can explore certain topics in-depth if they take a particular interest in them. Instructors can provide hands-on projects that will enable them to get first-hand knowledge of a variety of topics. It’s important to ask prospective schools about their class sizes and individual attention before deciding upon an institution.

5. Parent Involvement

Some parents choose private schools because they’re looking to get more involved in the learning community. They may have fundraisers or meetings where they explore opportunities for creating a safer environment for children.

Parent involvement is good for the school because it helps promote it in the community. Parents who are looking to be a part of school life would be well served in local Catholic schools. Find out about opportunities available before you choose one.

6. The Right Price

Many parents opt to invest in private schools because of the advantages they offer their children. Many parochial schools, however, provide these benefits at a very high cost.

Catholic schools are known for providing a quality education for children at an affordable price. Many also offer tuition assistance or scholarships to those families who apply for them. You’ll want to consider what your options are, and how you can make costs fit into your budget, as you search.

7. A Balanced Lifestyle

You’ll want your child to be appropriately challenged by their academic coursework, as well as invested in their extracurricular activities. Students should also be given time to get involved in service and nurture family values.

It’s also important, however, that the school you’re choosing doesn’t overwhelm students with their coursework. Ask your admissions counselor how much homework the average pupil in your child’s grade is receiving each night.

You’ll want to make sure your student gets an appropriate amount of practice with their studies. It’s important, however, that their life doesn’t become consumed by them.

You can also interview current students and find out how they’re balancing their school life with other obligations. A happy student is one who is challenged by their work without being overwhelmed.

8. A Good Feeling

While there are a number of excellent intellectual reasons to choose a private school, you’ll ultimately want to choose a school that feels right to you and your child.

Let your child visit a private school or spend the day “shadowing” another student from class to class. They’ll get a good feel for how teachers treat their students and how welcoming the student body is. Your child may have certain fond memories from the day, such as a great lunch or an excellent music class.

You’ll want to choose a school that feels warm and welcoming to your child. The right school will not neglect your child’s emotional well-being.

The Best Catholic Schools San Diego County

The best Catholic schools in San Diego offer rigorous academics, engaging after-school activities, and warm, supportive staff and student body. With a little homework, you could find the right fit for your child in no time.

For quality education, contact us today.