An Informative Guide About Private Elementary Schools in San Diego

Are you a San Diego Parent? Are you considering a private education for your child?

There are over 34,000 private schools in the United States, and San Diego is home to hundreds.

The city of gorgeous beaches, breathtaking parks, and world-class museums is also an excellent place to raise a family.

There is no question that smaller private schools can offer your child a unique, enriching experience.

What should you be looking for in private elementary schools in San Diego?

Let’s take a look.

1. The Private School Advantage

It is important to remember that private schools are not ranked. Each institution will have something unique to offer your child in terms of academics, athletics, and social life.

Private elementary schools in San Diego are known for providing a more challenging education academically. They may also have additional arts and community service requirements.

The elementary years are critical because they lay the foundation for learning through the rest of a child’s life. Enriching activities such as reading, puzzles, and music can develop children’s natural curiosity and intelligence. Too much screen time can discourage creativity.

Smaller class sizes enable children teachers to provide students with the support and enrichment they need at all times. They can give students constructive help in weaker areas and give them challenging work to develop their strengths.

Private schools can also help children who might otherwise “fall through the cracks” to develop interests in activities they might otherwise overlook. Caring, responsible teachers are attentive to children during playtime as well as academic time. Both are important to children’s academic development as they mature into adolescents and adults.

2. Faith-Based Possibilities

78% of private-school students nationwide attend religious schools. 

During the grade school years, children are learning how to get along with others and forming their sense of right and wrong. 

The faculty you will find in a San Diego Catholic School will lead by example. They model faith, talent, and integrity for their students. Catholic school teachers instill a sense of morality in students, as well as compassion for those less fortunate.

Students learn to form healthy relationships and friendships with others. They are taught leadership skills and how to build up communities.

Students will have religion and morality as part of their coursework. They will have a solid foundation on which to base their educational philosophy in the future.

3. Safety

At a time when school safety is a growing concern, private elementary schools are desirable because of their high standards for discipline and respect. Small class sizes and a strong sense of community discourage any potentially dangerous behavior. 

Many private schools have security guards and a parking-pass requirement to ensure student safety at all times. When visiting private schools, you can ask about safety and how students are protected throughout the school day. Many parents also feel more secure knowing that class sizes are smaller and children will always be noticed if something seems wrong.

4. Parent Involvement

Parents in public schools can get involved in schools as the opportunities arise. PTA events and parent-teacher meetings allow them a peek into the window of their child’s school day.

Yet private schools allow parents to become even more involved in the educational experiences of children. Fundraisers, trips, and committees allow parents to get more involved than ever in their children’s educations. Parent-teacher breakfasts allow parents to discuss their visions, hopes, and concerns about the education at their child’s school.

If you are looking to get more involved in the daily life and community at your child’s school, you should be considering a quality private education.

5. Unique Opportunities

Your child may be looking for a superior sports program, or an art and music program where they will be gaining unique and individualized instruction. 

Extracurricular programs at private schools do more than just introduce students to subjects and teach them some basics. Teachers can take the time to support students in their interests and challenges so that they will gain the most out of their experiences.

Your child may have the opportunity to create art for a gallery or perform in a recital. They may get a chance to play with a team that is playing money for charity.

Extracurricular activities in public schools are taught from a moral perspective that you are comfortable with. You may, for example, want your child to learn about compassion, respect, and discipline while learning a sport. And you may want your child to learn these values from a faith-based perspective.

A quality private elementary school allows you to know that your child will not be gaining basic skills. Instead, they will be developing a philosophy and commitment to their interests that will involve their heart, mind, and soul. 

6. Hands-On Skills 

Perhaps your child was not interested in learning about fractions until they took a cooking class. Or maybe they are learning about physics properties through building a dog house.

Public schools have larger classrooms and much teaching is done through a lecture or online activity. 

Private school teachers, however, have the time and resources to enhance students’ educations through unique hands-on projects.

Private Elementary Schools in San Diego

Private elementary schools in San Diego can provide children with the academic rigor, hands-on opportunities, and strong community they need to thrive. Parents across the country choose faith-based private schools for a variety of reasons and most are happy with their choice.

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