Our tuition covers the high standards and goals we have set for your children. We provide an all-inclusive education and work with you to pick the best payment option. Choose one of three available payment plans. For Tuition Rates and Prices Download the Tuition Information PDF.

Tuition Information 2020 - 2021

Annual Payment
  • Full payment due on or before the first Monday in July.
  • A 2% discount may be taken, if paid by the first Monday in July, by check, money order, or cashier’s check.
  • No discount is offered on credit card payments – Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Semi-Annual Payment
  • 1st payment due on or before the first Monday in July; Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  • 2nd payment due on or before the first Monday in January; Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Monthly Payment
    • 1st payment on July 1 with two (2) payments due; payments are made using FACTS Management Company.
    • Continuous monthly payment due each month August – March.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Tuition Assistance Fund of NDA

Notre Dame Academy’s OLP-TAF has limited funds available to assist families in need of financial assistance for tuition. The OLP-TAF Committee will grant awards after careful review of all applications. Confidential financial documents, such as tax returns, will be submitted for review by FACTS, a third party not related to the OLP-TAF, the school, the parish, or the immediate community. A small number of awards will be made for each school year.

These funds can only be allocated to families who meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a financial need.
  • Members of St. Therese of Carmel Parish.
  • No student shall be given a full tuition grant. NDA expects some contribution from the student’s family.
  • This tuition assistance is for existing students or prospective students who have been accepted for admission to NDA.
  • Tuition assistance is granted for basic tuition only. Preschool or Kinder Prep students are not eligible for tuition assistance.
  • Note: Families who have received tuition assistance in previous years are not guaranteed continued funds, nor are given any preference. A new application must be submitted every year.
  • Once all criteria have been met, please request information on the application process at the school’s offices.
We are pleased to offer Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment through FACTS.

Apply For Financial Aid

Bishop Flores Scholars Tuition Assistance Program

The Diocese of San Diego has a rich tradition of educating the next generation of Catholics in our local parishes and schools. We are the largest private school system encompassing 49 schools in two counties, San Diego and Imperial, and impacting the lives of approximately 17,000 children in our elementary and high schools. The potential for growing our impact is unparalleled in this region, and that is why supporting Catholic education is vital to building the future of our local Church.

Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the diocese is very pleased to announce that it will be launching the Bishop Flores Scholars Tuition Assistance Program to provide annual K-12 tuition assistance totaling $1,000,000.00 for children in need to attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego. We believe that Catholic education should be both affordable and accessible to every child and family who desires it regardless of their background, neighborhood, family income, or culture.

Our mission is to develop sustainable financial partnerships with low and middle-income families who are invested in Catholic Education. These partnerships are critical to the success of our Catholic schools, and without them, we will not be viable. In addition to providing a quality Catholic education for San Diego and Imperial County children, our schools provide a character formation education where children are instilled with Catholic values, so that one-day they may contribute to society as globally aware and productive citizens.

For information on eligibility, deadlines, applicant qualifications, award distributions, costs, recipient responsibilities and other facts, please visit the Bishop Flores Scholars Tuition Assistance Program website at

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in the Bishop Flores Scholars Tuition Assistance Program. You are directly supporting Bishop Flores’ vision for the total mission of our schools:Not only will these children become the Church of tomorrow, but they will also fill the most important roles in leadership and ministry as the Church reaches out to the world.

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