8 Wonderful Benefits of Choosing Catholic Schools in San Diego

These days, parents have many education options for their children. But too many parents choose public school. Public school education in the United States has its downsides.

Public education doesn’t favor parent involvement, they’re overcrowded, and schools are even closing.

This is why faith-based parents are enrolling their children into a Catholic school.

But few parents know the benefits. How do Catholic schools differ from public schools? And what if your family isn’t religious or follows a different religion?

All parents will soon understand how amazing a Catholic school education is for their children. Here are 8 benefits of Catholic schools in San Diego.

1. Your Child Will Learn Catholicism Early

Catholicism is one of the most influential branches of Christianity. 22% of US citizens follow the Catholic branch, which is a large percentage of the country!

By enrolling your child in Catholic school, you’re not only providing quality education but you’re also giving them the perfect opportunity to learn about and exercise their faith.

If you’re religious, you understand the importance of faith. Your faith will guide you through life and will help overcome the most important issues. It’s important that this is taught to children, especially while they’re young.

This will help your child incorporate the Catholic teachings into their everyday life.

2. Your Child Will Become More Spiritual

What if your child doesn’t follow Catholicism after they graduate from a Catholic school?

Even though Catholicism practices a specific branch of Christianity, their teachings focus on the importance of spirituality and connecting with your faith — no matter what religion you follow.

Catholic school strives to teach your child about God and emphasizes His significance in their life.

Your child may forever hold Catholic teachings in their life or they may go on a different spiritual path, but they will endearingly have that relationship with God or any other higher power.

3. Catholic School Teaches Service and Volunteering

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10

We all know this Bible verse and it emphasizes God’s wish for us to help others.

Your child is encouraged to work volunteer hours, helping their community and those in need. From kindergarten to grade 8, your child will be encouraged to volunteer their time.

Your child isn’t only encouraged to volunteer. They’re taught the importance of giving back. This teaches them the power of kindness and giving back.

In addition to teaching kindness…

4. Catholic School Teaches the Importance of Community Involvement

In addition to learning the importance of giving back, children are taught the significance of participating in their local community.

If you’re a member of your church, you are an active participant in your community and follow all local needs. These teachings will extend to your children.

Your children will learn the importance of participating in many areas of their local community. This includes supporting local business, following local politics, and may even choose a career where they consistently work with local peers.

Working with the local community teaches respect and achievement.

5. They Will Be Involved in the Arts and Culture

The art department at public school is decreasing. Art programs such as music are in danger of being cut from public school budgets almost everywhere. Don’t worry — Catholic schools understand the importance of the arts, and focus on a variety of art classes in their curriculum and after-school programs.

The arts are a huge part of human culture and history. That is why Catholic schools put emphasis on including them into a child’s education. Your child will be introduced to fine art, history, music, drama, literature and a myriad of other art-based programs. Did you know children involved in the arts are four times more likely to thrive in their overall education? In fact, students involved in the arts show lower drop-out rates overall.

6. Catholic School Teaches Discipline

Unlike public school, Catholic school teachings put discipline and respect at their forefront.

Students are taught to be respectful and behave in the classroom. But this isn’t done with strict enforcement or punishments. It’s taught with essential behavioral teachings of proper etiquette, kindness and thoughtfulness towards others.

With the emphasis of Catholicism, students learn about Jesus Christ and how he gave his life for us.

Discipline teachings aren’t only limited to actions. Students are also taught the importance of their words. Students learn that words can be powerful and they should always be wise about what they say to others.

7. Catholic School Are in a Safe Environment

Your child’s environment is essential to their health and well-being. This is why Catholic schools strive to create the safest environment for your child’s learning experience.

As much as we don’t like to say it, public schools are becoming unsafe. Drugs and violence run rampant. Bullying is a major issue and unfortunately, some schools are seeing weapons being brought to school.

When you enroll your child in Catholic school, you can ensure the school is drug-free and gun-free. Bullying isn’t tolerated.

With the emphasis on religion, respect, and behavior, Catholic schools follow the peaceful beliefs of Jesus Christ. You can have confidence your child will be safe at a Catholic school.

8. Students Set Goals

One of the many shortcomings of public education is students aren’t taught how to set goals. They’re only taught how to prepare for the next assignment, the next test, the next grade up. They are not taught how to set goals that will allow for them to be diligent and lifelong learners.

While Catholic school teaches these lessons, Catholic school teachers understand goal setting extends beyond career goals and even educational goals.

Catholic school teaches goal setting in all areas of life — to set goals with your loved ones, within your hobbies, and even setting goals on being a better person.

This helps not only create students set for success but students who will truly be happy in life.

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