7 Ways The Creative Arts Can Improve Child Development

You’ve done your homework when it comes to securing the best education for your child. But there might be one form of enrichment that has a bigger impact on their future than you imagine.

Sending your child to a high performing school with the best teachers is important. You search for a curriculum that includes science, mathematics, language arts, and more.

Did you overlook creative classes, like music and art? The importance of art education can’t be dismissed.

If you’re still not sure about the impact that the arts have on a child’s future success, you will be by the end of this list. Here are seven reasons why the arts should play a role in your child’s development and education.

1. Increase Motor Skills

Learning to crawl, walk, jump, and run are some of the few basic motor skills your baby develops early on. Fine motor skills, like grasping a pencil, come later.

Mastering these skills gives kids an edge physically as well as psychologically and socially. The earlier you work on them the better they are — and problems are quickly spotted and corrected.

Get your child started early in the arts to increase their range of motor skills. The discipline and creativity will help them explore their capabilities.

2. Practical Application Opportunities

Hard sciences, math, and other subjects are essential to academic success. They can be a little boring for kids, though.

For example, how can you get your child excited to learn about fractions? Enroll them in a music class so they can have fun while using their math skills.

Use math to partition areas for a mural. Learn more about geology while building jewelry out of semi-precious stones.

The arts offer plenty of real-world opportunities to use other class’ information.

3. Develop Creativity

Allowing your child to paint to their heart’s content develops their creativity, of course. But did you know that those wild bursts of inspiration will lead to success beyond school?

Creativity is a big key to landing a great job. The majority of businesses say they place a high priority on creativity when they’re looking to hire someone.

Being creative isn’t just about drawing, writing, or playing music. It’s about thinking outside of the box, problem-solving, and coming up with fresh new ideas.

Any business that wants to innovate and stay relevant needs to have a creative team. Add the arts to your child’s educational curriculum and watch them succeed.

4. Language Development

You know that giving your kid the opportunity to learn other languages improves their intelligence. Learning about art can have the same effect.

With art in preschool, young children will learn how to identify shapes, colors, and more. Visuals paired with verbal reinforcement help develop their language capabilities.

Older kids’ language skills benefit from art classes too. Not only are their specific techniques and styles to talk about, but there’s descriptions and emotions, too.

Expand your child’s ability to express themselves by enrolling them in an art class.

5. Creates Healthy and Engaged Students

Getting involved in the arts helps your kids grow in so many ways. One important way is that it develops their self-esteem.

Creating something uniquely their own shows them all that they can achieve. It gets them involved in a fun class, making them less likely to drop out in the future.

Art classes, like dance, can help steer kids away from drug abuse. They find an outlet for their creative energy instead of seeking it elsewhere.

Add some art to your kid’s world and watch their overall grades improve. Your child will feel empowered, inspired, and most importantly, engaged in class.

6. Improves Decision Making

What color goes best in this painting? How should I play this part on the violin — soft or loud?

These are a few small examples of some decisions your child might make in an art class. Even though they’re simple, they’re the beginning of something bigger.

Exploration and experimentation are all parts of creating art. Your child will make choices and experiences the consequences of their actions as part of the process.

Critical thinking and problem solving are valuable skills for the future. Decisions made in art classes improve and strengthen your child’s abilities.

7. Cultural Development

Our world’s borders are expanding. Collaboration occurs across the globe in a matter of seconds due to technological advancements.

As such, we need to be culturally aware of people and societies different than those we grew up in. The arts offers a window to the world’s diversity.

Critical thinking skills developed in art classes help your child question and process things they might see and experience. They will feel comfortable pushing back against offensive concepts and understanding the role media plays in shaping our views.

Experiencing art, writing, music, dance, and more from other cultures broadens their horizons. What better way to learn about the wide world than through the art it creates?

Importance of Art in School

These are only a few of the benefits of art in school. Your child has so much to gain from adding these valuable skills to their curriculum.

The importance of art in school can’t be overstated. Next, you need to find the right school for your child.

Catholic schools consistently outperform public schools. They post higher scores in reading, math, and more across the board.

Catholic students’ graduation rates are high. Their post-school achievements are impressive as well.

The student to teacher ratios are lower. Parents get a lot of attention, too, and can guide what sorts of classes are part of the curriculum.

Get involved in your kid’s life and help them succeed. Send them to the best schools and make sure that the arts are a part of their education.

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