7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private School in San Diego

Do you live in San Diego, CA and want to know your options for private schools for your kids? Here are factors to consider when choosing a private school.

Every year about 7-9% of California school kids attend private school rather than public school. In 2016, that was about 500,000 California students.

There are a number of benefits to attending private schools, ranging from specialized education programs to smaller class sizes. In a recent poll, it was discovered that over 70% of private schools provide an excellent education compared to a mere 44% of public schools. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and enroll your children in a private school, you’ll have to start with the process of choosing a private school. 

Read on for 7 important factors to consider when choosing the right San Diego private school for your family.

1. Cost of Private Schools

Of course, the first thing you’ll have to consider is your financial situation. Private schools do require tuition fees, as they are not funded by federal or state taxes. Because of this, you will want to look at the tuition rates for the schools that you are interested in.

Remember that some financial aid is usually available. At NDA, we grant a small number of awards each year to students who are in the most need. We count on our more financially stable parents to pay full tuition to ensure that more children get a chance to receive some of our modest financial aid.

2. Size of Classes

Most private schools offer smaller class sizes, but that doesn’t mean that all of them do. Ongoing studies have found that students who are placed in smaller classes are often months ahead in their learning than students who are placed in large classes. 

What you want to find are class sizes that are small enough to offer an optimal education and yet not so small that they don’t facilitate socialization. After all, social skills are an important part of the developmental process.

3. Education Opportunities

Private schools are not required to meet some of the limiting federal benchmarks that private schools must meet. What that means is that a private school education goes above and beyond curriculums that cater to standardizing testing and offer a more in-depth and well-rounded education. 

Make sure that you look at a private school’s academic roster before determining that it is the right choice for you. 

4. Grades Taught

In your search for San Diego private schools, you’ll come across many private preschools, private elementary schools, and so forth. It is worth considering the benefits of enrolling your child in a private school that offers K-8th grade classes rather than hopping from one private school to the next.

Private schools are not bound by school district lines, which means that parents can enroll their children in any private school of their choosing. What that means is that your child may make a close group of friends in elementary school only to find them scattered to several different middle schools. At such a young age, this social disruption can be quite painful and even harmful to their education.

5. Religious Affiliation

One of the many reasons that parents often choose private over public schools is that private schools can incorporate religious lessons into the curriculum. At NDA, we pride ourselves in instilling strong Catholic values and lessons in our students so that they can grow in their faith along with their secular knowledge.

Many religious private schools are directly affiliated with a specific parish or church. Enrolling your child in the private school that is partnered with your church is a very positive, community-building experience. You get to know the other families and even the educators in a way you likely wouldn’t in a public school setting.

6. After School Enrichment and Extracurriculars

Parents know that a well-rounded child is not just involved in their studies. They are also involved in after school enrichment and extracurriculars. This not only sets them up for more success when it comes time to apply to universities but it also gives them opportunities to express themselves and discover who they truly are.

It is important to look for schools that offer more than sports teams, alone. At NDA, we offer everything from Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to Robotics, chess club, and more. Plus, students can take engage in activities like choir, student council, and the yearbook committee.  

7. Location

While your top priorities involve finding the best education and environment for your child, location cannot be overlooked. Private schools service families from a wider area than public schools. As a result, your children are unlikely to get to and from school by way of a school bus. Instead, you will need to provide transportation by way of your own vehicle, carpooling, or public transportation if your children are old enough.

NDA is located on Del Mar Trails Road, just off of the Ted Williams Freeway. We serve the families of Northern San Diego and the surrounding area. We are positioned in a central location between Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights, and Torrey Highlands.

Choosing a Private School Is a Serious Decision

When you’re choosing a private school for your child or children, you’re making an investment in their futures. It is important that you research each school in depth before making your final decision.

If you are a Catholic family looking for a topnotch pre-K through 8th-grade private school in San Diego, we hope you consider Notre Dame Academy. We are committed to helping every student meet their full potential. Contact us today to learn more about enrollment.