10 Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Private School

The average private school tuition in California hovers around $14,000

While this may seem like a lot, especially if you have more than one child attending a private school, it’s still worth it when you consider all the private school benefits. 

The benefit of smaller classrooms, better teachers, and more. But what other factors should you consider before sending your child to a private school? What factors should you consider before sending your kids to private schools in San Diego

Or, what’s the best San Diego private school? 

Here are 10 important factors to consider when selecting a private school that can give you insight on if you should choose that school or not. 

1. What Will Your Child Be Learning? 

One of the first questions you should be asking about private schools is what will they be learning? What is the curriculum? 

This question gives you insight into how private schools are different. You are seeing what makes their education different or stand out from other schools. 

You also may not agree with some of the private school’s curriculum. This is why it’s important to do your research beforehand and see what students learn at a particular private school. 

2. Are the Parents Involved? 

Another factor to consider is if the parents are involved in school

Having the parents involved in the schools can make students more accountable but it can also enhance the students learning. 

The parents can also see what their child is learning. By being more involved in the school, the parents can help foster their child. 

3. What Is the School Culture? 

The school culture is critically important before you pick a private school. Just because a school is private doesn’t mean the culture is positive. 

You should consider asking other parents before sending your child to a particular private school. Asking online education forums is another excellent way to do your research on a school. 

The goal is to find a private school that practices what it preaches. You want a school that provides a positive learning education. 

4. Are the Teachers Outstanding?

The teachers at a private school should be outstanding and better than teachers you would see at other schools. 

They should challenge students to learn new things and not remain stagnant. 

You should research private schools and see what parents say about teachers. And don’t be afraid to ask the teachers yourself. You can shoot an email to the teachers asking them about their teaching style and expectations from students. 

5. Are the Students Accountable for Their Actions

Another factor to consider at a private school is if students are accountable for their actions. 

What are the consequences if there is bullying? This is an example of what the school would do if this occurred. 

You want to make sure your child is held accountable as well as other students. 

6. Where Is the School Located? 

While you may be looking for the best private school in San Diego, you should consider the private schools that are nearest to you. 

If the school is quite a distance, your child will have to take the plans and you may have to change your work schedule. 

That’s why you should only choose private schools that are nearest to you, which can help you find a school faster. 

7. What Are the Classroom Sizes? 

Classroom sizes are especially important in private schools. If you the classroom ratio was 25 to 1 or 30 to 1, students to teacher, then it’s going to be harder for your child to get 1 on 1 instruction. 

You should consider classroom sizes because you want your student to get the most 1 on 1 time with the teacher, which can enhance their learning. 

8. Is the School Religious? 

Finding out if the school is religious is something you need to consider. If the school is religious, they may have a chapel and other religious traditions within the school. The teachers will also teach with a more conservative, religious mind. 

If you’re not religious, you should consider how a religious private school will affect your child. 

If you are religious, you should make sure the Christian private school you choose enhances your student’s understanding of religion. 

9. What Do a Majority of Students Do After They Graduate? 

Knowing what students do after they graduate can give you some insight into how well the private school preps students for college or a job.  

If the majority of the students are attending a 4-year college, this can give you a clue that the majority of students are going to college.

If the private school doesn’t offer this information about their students, you should take it with caution and inquire why they don’t offer this information. 

10. Does the School Offer College Prep? 

The final consideration of a private school is if they offer college prep courses. 

This can help students who are in high school get ahead in college. It can help them get into more prestigious colleges.  

Taking a college prep course at a private school also shows how much the school cares about preparing them for higher education. 

Now You Can Have the Confidence to Pick the Perfect Private School

Finding a private school can be difficult. You need to know these factors, which can influence your decision. These 10 important factors can help you decide what’s best for your child. 

Now you can have the confidence to find the best private school for your child. You have the knowledge of knowing what to ask and figuring out what to look for in a private school. 

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