10 Benefits of Education From the Best Catholic Schools San Diego Offers

Most brain development occurs during the early years of life.

In fact, according to the Urban Child Institute, a child’s brain has almost twice as many synapses as an adult brain in the first three years of life. That’s why early experiences, and early education, truly matter.

And for many children, a lot of those experiences happen in the classroom.

Choosing the right school for your child, however, can be an overwhelming task. How do you know, for example, whether public or private education is the right choice?

Catholic schools in San Diego offer many benefits to not only your child’s educational growth but also their spiritual, physical and social-emotional growth. Catholic schools focus on educating the whole person, providing a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning.

While it’s incredibly important to get your child off to the right start academically by enrolling them in a high-quality preschool, it’s never too late to make the switch to Catholic school education.

Keep reading to learn 10 benefits a Catholic school education can provide for your child.

10 Reasons Why Catholic Schools in San Diego Give Students a Great Start in Life 

You’re considering enrolling your child into Catholic school, but why is Catholic education important?

Competitive Academics

The 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that Catholic schools consistently outperform public schools when it comes to academics.

Catholic education also stretches students’ learning abilities.

For example, high school students are often required to study foreign languages for four years, whereas most public schools treat those classes as electives.

Classes like religious studies, history, and science are also often required for more years versus public education.

Focus on Faith

Religious studies are an important part of Catholic curriculum–and are often required throughout a students’ academic experience.

A faith-based approach to education isn’t just about religious immersion, however. It allows the student to learn and live from a moral perspective.

Providing your child with an ethically moral foundation for life instills in them respect for self and others.


While public schools are seeing a decline in arts programs for students in favor of science and math, Catholic schools take on a holistic approach, integrating music and art into their curriculum.

The positive impact of arts education on other academics is proven.

A 2007 study published by the University of Kansas showed that elementary school students who were in quality music programs at school scored 22 percent higher in English and 20 percent higher in math compared to those who weren’t.

Positive Social Experiences

Each individual student is valued in Catholic school, and students are taught to value one another.

This creates an environment in which students are tasked with the code of “do unto others,” not as a way to avoid punishment, but rather as a rule to live by.

Students also have many more opportunities to nurture relationships with each other in after-school activities that are supervised by school staff and parent volunteers, limiting access to drugs and alcohol or other unhealthy vices.

Some schools even offer classes for students to develop social skills by learning how to effectively communicate with peers and adults, solve problems, and cooperate.

Safe Sense of Community

Catholic schools provide many ways to build community and strengthen families in safe environments.

Where public schools limit most social interaction between the hours that a student is actually in the classroom, Catholic schools provide a true family atmosphere that extends outside of the school.

Opportunities to build relationships include clubs (for parents, too!), themed activity nights, fundraisers, dances, missions outreach, and community service.


True leadership isn’t only about good grades. It’s about building traits that inspire others.

Because of a faith-based approach to life, with Christ as an example, service is an integral part of Catholic school.

Students have opportunities to serve the community, beginning in elementary school, by serving in their local parish, doing missions outreach, and even by volunteering to help at school.

Strong Parent Involvement

Not only are the parents of Catholic school students engaged in every aspect of their child’s education, but schools also work with parents to ensure that they are supported.

Catholic schools keep parents informed (beyond the use of automated phone services) about school activities and their child’s academic progress.

They also provide many enriching opportunities for parents to volunteer daily both inside and outside of the classroom.

Passionate Educators

Teachers in Catholic schools are committed to ensuring that every student succeeds.

Lines of communication between parents and teachers are open and honest, as Catholic school educators understand the value of family involvement in the continued growth of each child. 

The low student-teacher ratio also means that your child is getting much more focused attention compared to an overcrowded public school.

Diverse Extracurriculars

Learning extends beyond the four walls of the classroom in fun and challenging ways.

At Notre Dame Academy in San Diego, for example, students have opportunities to explore chess, dance, robotics and mechanical engineering courses after school.

Catholic schools also offer athletics programs for students beginning in elementary school that range from track and field to team sports like soccer and football.

Strong Foundation for Continued Growth

Enhancing your child’s ability to be the best version of themselves is only the beginning.

Catholic schools teach children to take the gifts that their education has provided them: leadership, service, faith, and self-discipline, and share them with the world.

High graduation rates and college attendance rates are touted by Catholic schools and students go on to achieve high-ranking careers.

Why a Catholic School?

Catholic education is important because it doesn’t just provide a place for your child to learn academics, it provides a safe space to nurture the whole child and create a strong start in life.

Ready to give your child better opportunities for a brighter future? Apply to or schedule a tour of the best Catholic schools in San Diego today!