Open More Doors For Your Child’s Life
At Our Private Catholic School In Carmel Valley.

Notre Dame Academy — Considered One Of The Best Private Schools In San Diego.

Notre Dame Academy is San Diego’s preeminent choice for a progressive and comprehensive, first-class education for students from Preschool through 8th grade. We combine rigorous and advanced learning with an immersive Catholic community to ensure your child can build the academic, artistic, athletic, and religious foundations that open more doors for a lifetime of fulfilment. At NDA, we pledge to balance competitive academics with unparalleled Christian experiences for a complete and completely fulfilling education for every student. We further pledge to be an enclave of creativity and culture, rigor and reward, faith and family; to challenge and to inspire; to learn and to laugh, and to lay a lasting foundation for a promising tomorrow.

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Here Are Some Of Our Plans For The Next School Year

We Are Scheduling Tours During The Summer

  1. If physically and fiscally feasible, have students attend school on campus 5 days a week.
  2. We will offer instruction in the core curriculum, as well as Religion, Foreign Language, Art/Music and PE.
  3. Official mandate will dictate class size, but we will utilize all of our classrooms and facilities in order to accommodate our NDA community.
  4. A Distance Learning Program will be established as a possible option at each grade level for families who prefer to have their children learn at home. This program would follow an asynchronous and synchronous schedule similar to our current Distance Learning Program.
  5. Distance Learning Protocols will be in place to accommodate any future stay-at-home mandates.
  6. Our mission, "to live out the message of Christ’s love through the union of faith, family and academic excellence", will continue to guide us, and we will always be, “One Family; Always United!”

Again, due to the many unknowns ahead, we cannot not commit to the exact implementation to any of the above. However, we 100% commit to putting together the best possible education plan for each child.

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Congratulations Ms. Ursula Segura!

Ms. Ursula Segura, NDA’s Early Childhood Director, was announced as the Sr. Breege Boyle Award Winner at the Annual Catholic Educator’s Awards Banquet.

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For Families Who Want To Provide Their Children The Finest Opportunity For A Well-Rounded Education

From Music And Art To Chess Club And Robotics.

Setting Notre Dame Academy apart is a Staff committed to a rigorous and advanced educational approach with an immersive Catholic community experience. Creativity, innovation, and critical thinking are paramount in our curriculum as we offer weekly Spanish, French, STEAM, Music and Art classes. Students also have opportunities to explore chess, robotics and mechanical engineering courses after school. The Academy provides the necessary foundations that allows for students continued growth. We don’t just teach curriculum, we teach the child.

Academic StandardsSports ProgramsMusic & Fine ArtsReligious EducationScience & Technology

Success, Inside And Out
From Cultivating A Love Of Learning To Forwarding A Student’s Sense of Purpose

Prospective families tour our campus because they are intrigued by the presence of Sisters on Campus, are appreciative of our comprehensive foreign language program, and impressed by the academic success of our alum. However, what ultimately moves them to register is the spirit of our community. It is a community where families join together to build miracles – raising money to build houses in Tijuana, where teachers challenge students, not just academically, but morally – so that each child strives to be the best versions of themselves. A school where students don’t just take a religion class, but rather, in every class students learn in a faith-based environment.

  • Focus On STEM Learning
  • After School Coding & Engineer Clubs
  • Emphasis On Whole Child Education
  • Technologically Enhanced Curriculum
  • Reading and Science Specialists On Campus
  • Fully Optimal Science System (FOSS) Integration
  • Student Mentorship Programs
  • Learning Resource Program

Our students don’t just memorize their Learning Expectations, but live them every day as faithful Christian Witnesses, diligent and lifelong learners, virtuous individuals and responsible citizens.

Soccer Has A New Home At NDA
Summer’s Over, But We’re Turning Up The Heat On Dolphin Field.

Not only do we provide your child opportunities to excel academically, but also provide your child the chance to develop athletically. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in our sports programs. Although students work hard to be the best student athlete they can be, participating in the games is easy! Weekly Basketball and Volleyball games conveniently held adjacent to Campus in the Dempsey Social Hall, and many of our Pee Wee Soccer games will be hosted on site – on our new, state-of-the-art, sports field. Other games are hosted by Catholic Elementary schools in the area. Along with the weekly games, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams may also participate in various High School sponsored tournaments, as well as playoffs on the road to claiming the coveted Championship Title. Our sports program is coordinated by Administration and our Athletic Director, with support from our Dad’s Club. Go Dolphins!

  • Pee Wee Soccer K-4th
  • Boys JV/Varsity 5th-8th
  • Girls JV/Varsity 5th-8th
  • Track Meet
  • Cross Country Meet
  • After School Teams
  • Catholic School Sports League Competitions
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Music To Your Ears
Children Score With Our Music Programs.

We value the skills taught by Music and Art and we want all of our students to absorb the benefits during school hours and not just having to relying on afterschool classes. Like most music and art programs we start with the basics but unlike most we follow through with our curriculum from Preschool to 8th grade. We encourage our students to incorporate the creative arts in every subject and be inventive when working on projects.

  • Understanding & Application of Design Techniques
  • Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Drums, and String Instruction
  • Utilization of Web Based Music Applications for iPad
  • Ensemble Performance, Music Theory Games, and Choir
  • Implementation of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design
  • Cafe Nights with Student Music, Art, Drama, Dance, and Written Word
  • Development of Fine Motor Skills

For Our Faith, For Our Family, For Our Future.

As a Catholic school, Notre Dame Academy provides academic rigor taught in a faith based environment. Our students are faithful Catholic Christian Witnesses who strive to be diligent and lifelong learners. Our religious education program is not just a class, it is the reflection of our Catholic identity apparent in all that we do; we begin each day with morning prayer or school wide Mass, Catholic values are integrated throughout the day, #What Would Jesus Do, faith formation through religious study, and through the blessing of our three Sisters interacting with the students each day. The religious education of our students truly completes the education of the whole child – we teach the mind, the body and the soul.

  • Faith Based Learning
  • Weekly School Mass on Thursdays at 8am
  • School Mass for Holy Days of Obligation
  • Run by French Sisters On Campus
  • Faith Community & A Family Feel
  • Reconciliation for Grades 3-8 during Advent and Lent
  • Nurturing Christian Environment
  • Student Choir
  • 1st Friday Adoration

Teaching With Tech
Progressive Learning Approaches Lead The Way At NDA.

Technology integration is second nature our teachers at NDA. In the classroom, technology encompasses all kinds of tools from low-tech pencil and paper, to the use of presentation software, or high-tech iPads, online collaboration, digital portfolios, and more. The newest technologies allow our students to try things in physical and virtual classrooms that were never possible before. Our teachers are always finding creative and constructive ways to integrate technology into their lessons in order to prepare our students for the 21 st Century World.

  • Balanced STEAM Curriculum Preschool-8th Grade
  • After School Junior Mechanical Engineer Program
  • Multi-Media Project-Based Learning
  • Cross-Curricular Technology Integration
  • One-to- one iPads
  • Annual STEAM Expo
  • Participation Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair
  • Cyber Safety Explicit Instruction and Assemblies for Families and Students
  • Typing and Word Processing Instruction
  • ThoughtSTEM Enrichment Class After School
  • Progressive Tech Meets Tradition
  • Hands-On Science Learning

The students’ day has the perfect balance of innovation and technology with tactile, traditional, and hands-on instruction. From one-to- one iPads to Socrative learning, NDA has it all.

Start Early With Our Preschool & Kinder Prep

Where Every Step Is Small, But Each One Is Significant.

The NDA Early Childhood program provides a solid foundation for nurturing the spiritual and academic development of each child. In a loving environment we hold the highest standards to ensure the success of each child in all areas of development. Our dedicated staff is committed to prepare the whole child for a life of faith and lifelong learning.


Learning to know and appreciate God’s love for His creation.

  • Prayer
  • Participation in Service
  • Character Building

Developing a love for learning and a natural curiosity of the world through exploration

  • Language and Literacy
  • Math and Science
  • Gross and Fine Motor skills
  • Social and Emotional

Fostering confidence and an inquisitive mind that excites the learning process

  • Foreign Language- French and Spanish
  • Library
  • Arts
Kind Words About Us
  • NDA Is Committed To Developing A Well-Rounded, Highly Conscientious And Compassionate Individual...
    "We knew NDA was the school for our daughter when seeing the Sisters interact with the children. Their love and commitment is evident and irrefutable. We love the combination of an academic and a faith focused environment. This loving combination is unmatched. I would tell my friends that NDA is committed to developing a well-rounded, highly conscientious and compassionate individual. The loving staff is focused on developing wonderful human beings."
    Monica & Justin P. – Parents,
  • A Strong Moral Foundation For Our Kids...
    "At NDA, we sincerely feel we are part of a larger family! In addition to the Catholic education with the lovely Sisters that help create a strong moral foundation for our kids, we love that the teachers and staff care about not only educating our kids scholastically, but are also sincerely intent on motivating our kids to be the best version of themselves in a variety of important ways, such as socially and benevolently."
    G.G. B. – Parent,
  • NDA Is Not Just A School, It’s A Place To Grow...
    "NDA is not just a school, it’s a place to grow and experience the world around you with not just your classmates, but with your “family” that has good Catholic values instilled in them."
    Sal S. – Alumni Class of 2015,
  • NDA Is My Second Family...
    "NDA is my second family, a community where I have developed lifelong friendships and learned invaluable lessons from mentors that will forever guide me into my future endeavors."
    Isabella R. – Alumni Class of 2018,
  • Dedicated Teachers And Staff...
    "We chose NDA because of its French program. Little did we know that we were picking a home away from home. Dedicated teachers and staff, a strong academic program, a safe environment, and a close group of friends make NDA a great school! "
    Robbie B. – Parent,