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At Our Private Catholic School In Carmel Valley.

Notre Dame Academy — Considered One Of The Best Private Schools In San Diego.

Notre Dame Academy is San Diego’s preeminent choice for a progressive and comprehensive, first-class education for students from Preschool through 8th grade. We combine rigorous and advanced learning with an immersive Catholic community to ensure your child can build the academic, artistic, athletic, and religious foundations that open more doors for a lifetime of fulfilment. At NDA, we pledge to balance competitive academics with unparalleled Christian experiences for a complete and completely fulfilling education for every student. We further pledge to be an enclave of creativity and culture, rigor and reward, faith and family; to challenge and to inspire; to learn and to laugh, and to lay a lasting foundation for a promising tomorrow.

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Here Are Some Of Our Plans For The Next School Year We Are Scheduling Tours During The Summer
If physically and fiscally feasible, have students attend school on campus 5 days a week. We will offer instruction in the core curriculum, as well as Religion, Foreign Language, Art/Music and PE. Official mandate will dictate class size, but we will utilize all of our classrooms and facilities in order to accommodate our NDA community. A Distance Learning Program will be established as a possible option at each grade level for families who prefer to have their children learn at home. This program would follow an asynchronous and synchronous schedule similar to our current Distance Learning Program. Distance Learning Protocols will be in place to accommodate any future stay-at-home mandates. Our mission, "to live out the message of Christ’s love through the union of faith, family and academic excellence", will continue to guide us, and we will always be, “One Family; Always United!” Again, due to the many unknowns ahead, we cannot not commit to the exact implementation to any of the above. However, we 100% commit to putting together the best possible education plan for each child.

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