Volunteer Requirements

Our first and most important commitment is your child’s safety. For that reason, we do require all volunteers on campus to complete the following requirements before any volunteer work is done:

  • Live Scan all volunteers must be fingerprinted through a Live Scan process, using a school-initiated form. This assures the utmost safety of your child. There is a charge for this service. The Postal Annex, located in the Von’s Shopping Center at the intersection of Valley Center Parkway and Carmel Creek, offers Live Scan. No appointments are necessary. Please note: if you have already had a Live Scan for the Diocese, you do not need to be fingerprinted again. Let the office know and we will contact the Diocese to obtain your records.
  • TB test required by law for volunteers in schools. Negative test results from your Dr. should be turned in to the office. This test is required every 4 years.
  • Child Abuse Reporting Form another requirement of the law. Only needs to be signed once.

We realize these requirements are not convenient; however, no price can be put on your child’s safety.

Volunteer Program

Christ gives His people different gifts, not only for themselves but for others.  Active involvement in the life of the school is expected of all parents. The Volunteer Involvement Program is a plan whereby parents/guardians support the school through the use of their time, treasure and talent!

Each family registering students at Notre DameAcademy will pay the amount of tuition indicated on the chart, and is responsible for completing thirty (30) hours of school service per family per two parent households or fifteen (15) hours per single parent household. Hours are to be earned from July through June.

Each family is responsible for creating a plan for the completion of those hours by signing the Parent Involvement Form received in the registration packet. Parents may either choose from one of the activities listed, or pay a non-participation fee of $500 per family.

It is the responsibility of each family to record volunteer hours on the Parent Volunteer Service Hours Record Sheet. The completed form is due in the Accounting office no later than May 13, (include anticipated service hours for June) or the $500 service fee will be added to your monthly bill.

Please note the name of the student so that proper credit can be given. Grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives must sign in volunteer hours since last names often differ. Volunteer Record Sheets are available in the school office.