After School Sports Program

Notre Dame Academy participates in the San Diego Diocese League offering junior varsity competition for grades 5/6; varsity competition for grades 7/8; Pee-Wee Soccer and Track for grades K-8.

A schedule of sport seasons and spots offered is published at the beginning of each school year. After school sports are a privilege and will be withheld if a student’a grade point average falls below a 2.75 during the sport season.

Notre Dame Academy fields a team if (1) A volunteer coach assumes responsibility for the team and (2) A sufficient number of students participate.

The Athletic Director, or other person appointed by the Principal, will coordinate the sports program. Parent participation is essential in order to provide coaching, transportation to and from games, and to offer additional support needed by the Athletic Director.

Fees are determined for each sport by guidelines offered through the San Diego Diocese. To participate in each sport, families are responsible for paying the league fee and uniform rental. Uniforms are returned at the end of each season, with the exception of the warm-up sweat suit that is kept by each participant.

The sports season is scheduled as follows:

  • Fall Sports (September to November) Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football
  • Winter Sports (January to March) Girls & PeeWee Soccer, Boys Basketball
  • Spring Sports (March to May) Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Boys & Girls Track