Altar Server

Students in grades 5 – 8 are invited to serve St. Therese of Carmel Parish as Altar Servers. After approval by the Pastor and initial training, students will be scheduled to serve for various parish Masses on weekends and at school Masses. Ongoing training is a requirement. Time served as Altar Servers may be counted for Christian service hours.

Mission Outreach

Each year, Notre Dame Academy sponsors a number of outreach projects to help the less fortunate. The majority of these outreach projects, spearheaded by the students, benefit the local community.

Middle School Service Hours

These service hours are a requirement 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Service hours may include assisting in the school, at the Church, or in the community. Students may perform service outside of NDA. If service hours are performed for an organization, the organization must be a non-profit organization. If service is done for an individual, it must be approved in advance by the Principal. Each student is responsible to turn in the Student Service Hours Record Sheet on the due date to their homeroom teacher.

Service requirements are as follows:

  • 6th Grade- 10 Hours
  • 7th Grade- 15 Hours
  • 8th Grade- 20 Hours

Officers of Student Council are required to perform forty (40) hours of Christian service during the school year.

Click the following link to access the Middle School service hours record form: NDA STUDENTS 6 – 7- 8 Service Hours