The Institute of Union-Chretienne de Saint Chaumond was founded in the XVIIth century by the Apostle of Charity, Saint Vincent de Paul, and one of his collaborators, Madame de Pollalion. Both Saint Vincent de Paul and Madame de Pollalion wanted to renew the evangelization work accomplished in the previous centuries by women who had pledged themselves in following Christ.

After much prayer and consultation with the Priest of Saint Sulpice, Jean-Jacques Olier, the Union-Chretienne was founded on October 17, 1652. The name expresses the union of the Sisters to Jesus Christ and to one another. They added the patronage of Saint Chaumond, who was the Bishop of Lyon that Madame de Pollalion venerated and who had founded a teaching order for children and young girls in the Early Middle Ages.

The foundation of the Union corresponded to a need. Young girls who felt they were called upon by God to put themselves to His service for the evangelization of young people finally had a place to go. The Sisters had the most fervent wish to serve the Lord in taking up their work of education, and to this day, if the Lord asks and gives them the means, the Sisters are ready to go to other distant countries to carry on the message of love of Christ.